Traditional 'FLINT & STEEL' Collection

Beaver Bushcraft Traditional 'Flint & Steel' Fire Steel Collection

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85-1200 Dragon Head Striker bw85-1202 Nog the Dragon Striker bw85-1203 Dragon Head Striker bw85-1204 Fire Dragon Striker (85-1204) bw85-1210 Eternal Snake Striker bw85-1211 Snake Striker bw85-1212 Snake and Crane Striker (85-1212)85-1216 Viking Eternal Snake Striker bw85-1220 Swan Striker bw85-1221 Bird of Prey 17th-18th Century Persia bw85-1222 Crane Striker bw85-1223 Snake Striker bw85-1240 Aligator Head Striker bw85-1243 Viking Horse Striker (85-1243) bw85-1245 Snail Striker (85-1245) bw85-1246-BB Seahorse Striker bw85-1247 Elephant Striker bw85-1302 Classic C Striker bw85-1308 Fort Dodge C Striker bw85-1310 Shallow C Striker85-1351 Burgundy C15th Striker (85-1351) bw85-1400 Three Hole D-Striker bw85-1401 D-Striker 16th - 17th Century (85-1401) bw85-1454 Crown Heart Striker (85-1454) bw85-1500-BB Leather Braided Striker bw85-1501 Spear Point Striker (85-1501) bw85-1502 Two Leaf Striker bw85-1503 One Finger Sardinia 19th Century Striker bw85-1504 Curley Tail Striker bw85-1505 Curley Tail 19th Century Sardinian Striker bw85-1506 Curley Snail Striker bw85-1507 Mini Curley Tail Striker bw85-1508 Mini Snail Striker bw85-1509 Leather Braided Striker - Small bw85-1510 Rune Pendant Striker - WILLPOWER bw85-1511 Rune Pendant Striker - WATER bw85-1512 Rune Pendant Striker - SUCCESS bw85-1513 Rune Pendant Striker - STRENGTH bw85-1514 Rune Pendant Striker - WEALTH bw85-1515 Rune Pendant Striker - ENDURANCE bw85-1516 Rune Pendant Striker - WISDOM bw85-1517 Rune Pendant Striker - SERPENT bw85-1518 Rune Pendant Striker - PROTECTION bw85-1519 Rune Pendant Striker - PROSPERITY bw85-1520 Rune Pendant Striker - POWER bw85-1521 Rune Pendant Striker - JOURNEY bw85-1522 Rune Pendant Striker - HOPE bw85-1523 Rune Pendant Striker - GENEROSITY bw85-1524 Rune Pendant Striker - FRIENDSHIP bw85-1525 Rune Pendant Striker - FIRE bw85-1526 Rune Pendant Striker - FERTILITY bw85-1527 Rune Pendant Striker - EARTH bw85-1550 Basic Oval Striker bw85-1570 Shark Oval Striker - Medium - 72 X 32mm (85-1570) bw85-1571 Shark Oval Striker - Large - 90 X 50mm (85-1571) bw85-1600 Closed P with Dibber 1 bw85-1608 P Striker bw85-1650 R-Shaped Striker and Knife (85-1650) bw85-1700 Classic R Striker bw85-1701 Irish R-Striker (85-1701 bw85-1703 Pendant R Striker bw85-1705 Closed R-Striker with hole bw85-1706 R-Striker bw85-1708 Curley R-Striker bw85-1710 Chunky R-Striker bw85-1711 R-Striker English Monkey Tail bw85-1751 Combo Fire Striker bw85-1754 Lip Balm Tin B Striker Mk1 bw85-1756 Coin Purse Striker bw85-1757 Wooden Handle Striker (85-1757) bw85-1758 Lip BalmTin D Striker Mk2 bw85-1759 Mini Rounded D Striker bw85-1760 Minature Rounded D Striker bw85-1761 Wooden Handle Striker - Small bw85-1803-BB Viking Teardrop Striker bw85-1900 Mexican V-Striker bw85-1951-BB Viking Squid Striker bw85-1954 Viking B Striker bw85-1955 Viking B Striker (85-1955-BB) bw85-1956 Curley Viking Striker - 60mm bw85-1957 Curly Viking Striker - 76mm (85-1957) bw85-1958 Viking Long Striker bw85-1960 Viking Long Ship Striker bw85-1961 Viking Long Ship Striker bw85-1974 Curly Viking Striker bw85-1975 Viking Striker bw85-1983 Viking 2-Inch Striker bw85-1984 Viking B Strikers (85-1984) bw85-1985 Viking Narrow Striker bw85-1986 Viking Lantern Striker bw85-1987 Viking Fiddlehead Striker bw Top of Page