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  1. Today we received this lovely bit of feedback about one of our 'Shark Bushcraft & Survival Knives'. As a company we don’t produce lot of Knives as we would rather focus on a few that are to us are almost perfect :). The ‘Shark Bushcraft & Survival ‘Knife and its little sister ‘The Beaver Necker’ were designed by Mark Hordon to suit his own needs and high expectations and then beautifully executed by Dorset Woodland Blades. Here is Mark Edlington-Booth’s  reveiw that we turned into blog..... 

    I am always a little reluctant to leave feedback and review a product until I have thoroughly put it through its paces.  Sometimes tools can work really well straight out of the packet but only last a few uses before they get relegated to that drawer we all have in the garage. The ‘Shark Bushcraft and Survival Knife’ however, has blown this strategy out of the water.

    knife pic of mark edlingtons knifeUsually, when you buy a sharp edged tool, it doesn‘t quite live up to its "razor sharp“claim. Sharp, but never razor sharp!  The ‘Shark Design Bushcraft and Survival Knife’ came honed to perfection, shaving sharp straight out of the box. The weekend after it arrived, I put it through its paces, battening, chopping, slicing and a little bit of carving were all a breeze.  The blade is perfectly balanced on the forefinger which helps reduce forearm muscle fatigue and the handle is shaped to aid holding without having to grip on too hard.

    So, why am | leaving a review just two weeks after receiving my ‘Shark Design Bushcraft and Survival Knife’? Usually, after such a test, it would be normal to have to strop the blade to maintain the edge. The ‘Shark Design Bushcraft and Survival Knife’ was still ‘shave sharp’.  I have since used it to carve a Spoon and today I used it to batten some hazel to create feather sticks. The amazing thing is, the edge is still shave sharp!

    Top that off with amazing customer service, from placing the order to delivery, Helen and Mark could not have been more helpful. Thank you Beaver Bushcraft. Keep up the good work. I will be back. Mark Edlington-Booth. 02/02/2019

  2. We are often asked if ‘Hand Forged Fire Steels’ are better than the more modern Laser Cut versions?

    BF Randy at the fire making our fire steelsThere are pros and cons for both and it’s purely down to taste and pocket friendly prices. Hand Forged tend to be much more authentic in appearance but can be more brittle and but can be a ‘hit and miss’ with the sparking quality. We are very lucky that the Black Smiths/Forgers we use (and sell at shows and on the website) understand how to make a good quality hand forged Fire Steel, but it’s not always the case if you look to other unknown makers especially in European Countries or the far East. Not everyone understands the hardening process. We are so fortunate that we have a geat working relationaship with Bethal Forge (seen on the left) who understands the process so well.

    fire breathing dragon at beaver bushcraft with fire detail traditional flinLaser cut Fire Steels tend to look more modern (unless you know the process for aging them). Laser cut Fire Steels are more consistent and the quality is much easier to control. Plus they are as hard as nails and you can have much more fun with the designs and be as creative as you want such as our Animal Strikers and keep the cost down too. If someone was to hand forge our Fire Breathing Dragon Fire Steel (on the right) it would almost be impossible to get the level of detail and the cost would be prohibitive.

    fire dragon and animal fire traditional fire steels for beaver bushcraftSo don’t be a ‘snob’ about ‘Hand Forging’ over ‘Laser cut’ , as 100% of the Laser cut cast 100% better sparks than 90% of the Hand Forged ones. Don't get us wrong, we would definitely stock more Hand Forged Fire Steels if we could, but we just can’t find any suitable Blacksmiths/Forgers anywhere (other than those we already use on our website) who are happy to make them without them costing more than our customers are willing to buy them for … (unless you buy them from the far East, which we will not do, since we feel that the quality is not there). So in a nut shell….it’s all down to personal taste and your pocket.