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Bespoke Hand Stitched Buscraft Belt

Now this is what I call a belt; lovely job - you could raise the Titanic on it!  Thanks also for the additional loop, all much appreciated.

Best wishes. Roger. 11/12/2018

 Hudson Bay Brass Tinderbox

Hi Mark, 

just to let you know I received the tin and the extras, which there really was no need for but very much appreciated, today and would like to thank you again for your efforts and the excellent personal touch. I was recommended to you by Paul Deore and will be singing your praises on all the social media sites I am active on. Regards John.  09/12/2018 

 Tinder Boxes

Hello from Sweden.

I just want to start of by saying that I am very pleased with my earlier purchases from your website. I have already used my Trappers tinderbox to light many a fire. From here on after you will be my main supplier of everything bushcraft :) Best regards Emil Berglund 26/11/2018

 Mini Tinderbox Hand Stitched Leather Pendant

Hi Mark, Thank you on multiple accounts.

1st... quick delivery brilliant .2nd the free extra tinder & flints unexpected and well appreciated.

3rd wow I just love the craftsmanship in the leather pendants, this has gone straight to the top of my favourite tinder pouches and i know it will be coming on many an adventure with me (fell walks/camping). I have so far found it surprisingly easy to use 4 out of 4 attempts successful so far. Although I can appreciate people with shovel sized hands might struggle at first but with a bit of practice would become a well-loved and cherished bit of kit.   The craftsmanship that’s gone into making this product will last a life time easily and I can admire & appreciate it's quality.  Regards, Scott. 18/11/2018

 5g Bag of Amadou Tinder

Hi guys, received Amadou this morning. Wanted to thank you, and that I'm very pleased with my tinder,Looking forward to future orders. Thank you, Bill. 06/11/2018

 Bespoke Hand Stitched Belt 

Hi Beaver Bushcraft,  I am absolutely delighted with the leather belt you made for my nephew's 21st birthday. It is beautifully made, looks superb and was made in the UK which was important to me. I am really pleased you are very busy you deserve to get so much business. Best wishes .Caroline Davies. 01/10/2018 

Bespoke Hand Stitched Belt 

 Received my belt today, very pleased indeed. Superb quality and workmanship, and I love the colour. Thank you. J. E. 27/09/2018 

 Bespoke Hudson Bay Tinder Pouch 

I'v just came home to a lovely surprise as I wasn’t expecting my order until next week. I honestly wish I could thank you and show you my appreciation as the workman ship is such quality and beauty.Can’t thank you enough and for the complimentary tinder and key ring such a kind gesture. I truly wish you weren’t so far away as I’d have asked to learn from you. True blessings Jo 22/09/2018

Rune Strikers  

Dear Helen & Mark, Thank You my order for the Beaver Bushcraft RUNE Pendant 'Flint & Steel' Striker COLLECTION (85-1510-1527) As always a service 2nd to none. Thank You! Kind Regards D. W. 20/09/2018 

Hand Stitched Hudson Bay Pouch

 Hi Just wanted to thank you for the lovely piece of Hudson bay leather pouch.. Many thanks for the mini torch which is proving very handy already. Thanks. Faisal 12/08/2018 

 801 Hand Stitched Belt 

Anyway the good bit is that the belt is brilliant .It is a relief to not have to keep hitching my trousers up. If you have a reviewing site I would be glad to mark you at 5 stars. Let me know if you do.Thanks for everything. Regards, Brian 12/08/2018

Hand Stitched Solar Pendant  

Hi, just a quick message to say thank you for such great work, very impressive & appreciated.  A T (New Zealand) 10/08/2018 

Hand Stitched Zippo Pouches  

Hi! Just received my Hudson Bay and Zippo pouches. Very pleased indeed. They are beautiful pieces of work, lovely to handle, superb.  

And free gifts! They're actually useful too! Brilliant. I feel quite spoiled! The Hudson Bay pouch is just right for the job I had in mind. The only drawback is that it really would look better with an appropriate tinder box inside . . ! So I guess I'm going to have to get one for it! Chuckle. I shall have a look shortly. I've been after a decent Zippo case for years. Most versions I've seen have press studs on the belt loop. Not particularly secure. Your versions are great. Proper leather, properly made. Built to last! Cool.It's a genuine pleasure dealing with you. I've found you approachable, honest and, of course, your broad knowledge and experience makes it all very interesting!Thanks again! Best regards, Alan 05/08/2018 

Double Pocket Medicine Pouch

Just taken delivery of my new twin pocket medicine pouch. It's very nice indeed! You know, your level of service is excellent. AB 09/07/2018 

Amadou Tinder

Just received my order...Amadou fungus...superb fire lighting qualities.. excellent delivery...... many thanks.Mal. 05/07/18

The Irish Traditional Fire Steel

Just managed to avoid setting fire to me shorts. Lol.Seriously, I've had a few steels over 40-odd years, some broken, some stolen, some gifted away. This one is a delight and, assuming my son doesn't appropriate it, will be a much valued companion! The Irish style striker is a beautiful piece. I really like the way it sits on the hand. Lovely. I'm very pleased with how quickly it arrived too! AB 01/07/2018 

Viking Curly Fire Steel 

Received my order today all in tip top condition, WOW I love the fire steels absolute craftsmanship at its best they are that good I am considering wearing one as a pendant just the perfect size. I have the eldstal fire steel bigger but no where near the quality of these. actually I think of you both every day when I fasten my shire horse belt with the matching belt pouch the craftsmanship and work that is in them shines out yes I love them real quality, Thank you Helen and Mark .Geoff 15/06/18 

 'Squid' Viking Fire Steel 

I just received my Viking Squid Steel striker today and couldn't be more happy! The quality and craftsmanship are outstanding, with great sparks being thrown every time (it's now my mainstay Steel out of many).I would also like to thank you for the speed and quality of service from start to finish. The flint I also ordered was very generous, fantastic quality and much appreciated.I'll definitely be ordering again very soon.Kind Regards from South Australia, Kai.13/06/2018 

Hudson Bay Tinderbox

Just received my order today and was blown away by the quality and speed it arrived. The addition of the tinder at no extra charge was a particularly kind touch. Many thanks ,I will be using you again. Dan. 24/05/2018

911 Bespoke Belt 

Hello, received my bespoke 911 professional belt & bespoke quick release belt loop. Nicely packaged, very pleased, well stitched, nice solid brass, looks great, many thanks steve 23/5/18 

 Round Tin Mini Tinderbox Flint Steel

The black tobacco tin is great but I absolutely LOVE the mini tinderbox kit! Lots of big sparks from such a small striker and piece of flint (though not as tiny as the piece in your demo video; Impressive!). It is going to be a superb showing off kit and such great fun!!  

Excellent goods and fantastic customer service, as always. Thank you once again. David 19/04/2018 

 Fire Storm with Leather Case

Hi Mark, I meant to email you much earlier to let you know I received the order. It is magnificent, the tool itself (bellows) is such a smart bit of kit, and the leather sheath is simply gorgeous. What a treat, also, and so very kind and thoughtful of you, to include a small bag of kapok! I'm super excited to use it. Thanks, again, and best wishes to you and the spring season.- Leslie  09/04/2018.  Click Here To View

Dragon Fire Steel 

Mark and Hells. Just a not to say the Fire Steel arrived today and I have to say I am so impressed, the weight, quality forging and the sparks it produces if just amazing. Thank you so much. Regards  Buzz 07/04/2018. Click Here To View  

Flint & Steel Viking Squid  

Hi, Just to say recieved my 2nd flint and steel order. Very happy with it .Thanks guys. Regards Mark Laryea 31/03/2018 

Flint & Steel Fire Lighting

I've received just today. I congratulate You for Your speed, Your accuracy and - very important - Your generosity. I like speaking to my students about survival and technology.Of course I'm going to advertise Beaver Bushcraft.Many greetings from Rome. Yours  Giovanni. 24/03/2018

 Bushcraft & Survival Diamond Sharpening Kit - 180/1000 grit (25-8000)

WOW!  Just WOW! I used the kit last night and had amazing results with some very blunt kitchen knives, I recorded my efforts and will be placing it up on YouTube I'll let you know when it's live. I wish I'd discovered you a year ago! Craig Taylor 18/03/18. Click Here To View

Mini Pocket Parabolic Solar Mirror with Leather Pouch + Tinder Bundle (85-5010) 

I'm happy to say your parabolic mirror arrived safely yesterday with accompanying tinder and sulphur matches. Given today's intense snow flurries I was not hopeful about trying it out, but we had a period of blue sky, so I had a chance to test it with a tin of charred punk wood. Despite a cold wind and a light dusting of snow falling, your mirror managed to create a good ember in less than a minute. Very impressive, given the adverse conditions, so this will be a permanent addition to my flint and steel kit. Thanks again for making good products.Kind regards,Gordon,Nottingham,18/03/2018

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Hello, I just received my order today I am more than satisfied. Very beautiful material. High quality. I will recommend on your site. Thanking you cordially. Mr Johnson  08/03/2018 

Bushcraft & Survival Diamond Sharpening Kit - 180/1000 grit (25-8000)

Hi again Mark. I am extremely pleased with the pre-sale advice I received and the product itself [ the bushcraft diamond sharpening kit ]. Particularly impressed with your video tutorial…great presentation and nice to have an expert so clearly lead you by the hand into something you’ve not done before. Best wishes. Cam.  27/02/2018  Click Here To View

Natural Amadou Tinder 'PREMIUM QUALITY' (5g) - Horse Hoof Fungus Pieces (85-4050)

Just a thank you note - got some Amadou from you, and I'm a happy customer - top quality product, great communication, and all-round good experience ...thank you! - Ash.  23/02/2018. Click Here To View 

Dear Mark , Just to say that the sheaths arrived safely this afternoon:  thank you - they are absolutely magnificent.  I am out very early tomorrow and all day, but I will try to write something that does them justice.  You are, truly, an artist and craftsman of rare quality. With tremendous respect and very many thanks indeed. An imaginative designer and a gifted artist, I was impressed by a pouch I bought from his website, and asked him to create somewhat unusual custom sheaths for my two favourite bushcraft knives - the work he produced was both beautiful and extremely practical.  The quality of the leatherwork is first class and I am absolutely delighted. Himself evidently an outdoorsman,  what sets him apart is his understanding of the practical aspects of design as form follows function. The sheaths are magnificent and will outlast me.  Unlike me, they will only get better with age.  You won’t find better:  I cannot praise his work too highly. Yours aye, Stephen Dudley 28/02/2018

The Beaver Blade Necker Knife Bushcraft Set - 2 Finger Grip - Mini fire Lighting Kit 

Hi Mark and Helen, Just writing to let you know my beaver blade necker knife has arrived today in post today. I absolutely love it, the workmanship and presentation is perfect.I saw a picture of it on Instagram on Thursday then rushed to your website and saw you had one left. Feel so lucky to have got this Beautiful little knife . Thank you so much for all your hard work.   Kindest regards,  Milton Smith.  13/02/2018. Click Here To Veiw 


Traditional Hudson Bay Brass Tinder Box with Hand Forged Fire Steel (85-2010-BR)

For the record the “Hudsons Bay” tinderbox,  it’s a fab piece of kit! Well made with that authentic feel about it, with quality tinder inside, it’s good to go right out of the box! I tried this kit out immediately after the postie dropped it off, first with the magnifying glass around 09.30 and it worked a treat, even in mid January! Next with Flint & Steel, a bit longer this time, about 5 mins to get a good technique (actually forgot just how to do it!!!) and it was just perfect. On my Woodland Wayer Course two summers ago, it took me 2x30 min sessions to actually get an ember to a flame. Well pleased with the kit, a living piece of history - still good today as it ever was! Martin Spearman. 30/01/2018. Click Here To View

 Hi, Just wanted to say a great big thank you all the way from New Zealand for the flint and steel I ordered recently. It was exactly as I thought it would be. Your service has been exceptional and appreciated. Dont change a thing, regards Andrew 30/01/18

Got it Mark, very pleased. Thanks for the extra flint and tinder samples. Outstanding service once again. Bruce.Parry 24/01/2018

Hi, I just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you to you, Mark and Helen, for the amazing job you have done on the leather work and all the tinder included! The fantastic attention to detail is incredible and to say I m extremely pleased would be an understatement. Thank you also for the upgraded Andrew Kirkham fire steel it really is a work of art and works great. Thank you so much also for all the extra tinders you provided, I can t wait to try them all! Once again my sincere thanks for all the work you put into my order, you guys rock! Many thanks, Ryan. 23/01/2018

Thank you for my beautiful Tinderbox and your generous gift of Flint and additional tinder. I have tested it and I am delighted with it. It is functional and elegant and I foresee many years of usage. Once again, Thank you. David Hair 19/01/18

 Excellent products promptly dispatched. Emails answered within the day. Always pleasant and polite. Will definately buy from them again, and always look there first when shopping for bushcraft products. If i get good service i tend to stick with the same companies. I would put B B in same league a Ray Mears woodlore for customer service, simply the best! Regards, Chris Carter17/01/18

Cant think of how to describe the quality of the leather work by Beaver Bushcraft they make some of the very best leather goods I have ever seen in over 50 years.  I really think that other companys should learn from you in the production of the very highest quality hand made leather kit for people who want the best. With the nicest customer service I have known. Ed Brann  10/01/2018

 Amazing and beautifully crafted leather work and wonderful people. The best natural bushcraft equipment you can buy.  

You can buy with confidence knowing that your purchase will last your life time and then be passed on to the next generation. Buzz Mead 10/12/2017

 Hi Mark.  Just wanted to say cheers for supply of awesome smock. Pass on my thanks and big appreciation to Green Outdoors for the great design.....looks like a better textile choice version of FjallRaven smock....well done Marcus  :)    Regards Andy     06/12/2017

I Just wanted to say thank you for the belt pouch and draw cord pouch both are fantastic the pouch now carries my pain meds and the draw cord my keys. Great to see work of this standard made today here in the UK keep it going and I will keep buying .  E Brann    02/12/2017

 Hi Mark .Everyone is delighted with their Bottles.They have gone down very well with our guests so thank you.     Pippa Middleton  23/10/2017

Hi Helen and Mark,   Gransfors Bruks axe sheathes (small forest and scandanavian) an overstrike collars.I was very pleased with these axe accessories, the quality/build is impressive, perfect fit and finish and really complement the axes.Service and follow up are outstanding. I would highly recommend your business to all. Thanks so much.   B Perry    21/10/2017

Good morning Mark, thank you for the bushcraft belt it is excellent. A very pleasant surprise to receive a gratis belt loop/dangler from yourselves, very considerate.  Best regards    Edward Leszczynski  17/10/2017

 Hi Mark. The kit turned up today, I have to say it is amazing quality and just absolutely fantastic, the leather work is stunning.  It has been a really good experience shopping with you at Beaver Bushcraft and I will be returning to order more kit. Thank you     Regards Bill   13/10/2017 

The pouch arrived today and it is a very nice piece of craftsmanship.  Thank you, best regards    Gerrit van Lieshout  10/10/2017

Just a thankou for your very fine work I have recieved, leather work that will last a life time. Perfect for my needs, not often that work of this standard can be found and a company who care about the customer. Thanks again  Ed   

My pouch arrived today. Very pleased with it. Excellent quality, very old school. I now have the best fit kit ever, part traditional and part modern.

Thanx ...... Gordon

Hi there. I just wanted to say that my recent purchase of the Bushcraft & Survival diamond sharpening kit has been fantastic. What a difference it has made to my knives and my ability to get an outstanding cutting edge. Truly has been the best sharpening kit by far! Amazing products! 

Thank you.  Eddie Murphy

Just a quick line to say thank you very much for the belt which I am highly pleased with and also thanks for the extra belt loop. An excellent service. 

Kind regards,  Chris Reeve

Hi Helen and Mark, Just received the package by mail. I was amazed with the outstanding quality. Thank you very much, it was worth waiting for it. I was also wonderful surprised by the additional belt loop. It already found its function as a pocket watch lanyard. 

These items are made for a lifetime and beyond.  Thank you, best regards.  Peter Rondou

Hi, Just a quick note to confirm receipt. Thanks very much, the case is beautifully made and I'm really happy with it. Kind regards,  Bob Hodges

Hi, Just wanted to let you know I received the hatchet sheath and it is beautiful! Thank you for the fast turnaround time! Randy

Hello Mark, Just a quick note to say I received my order (Hudson Bay) yesterday. Very nice. Tried it out, and had a glowing char, then a flaming jute nest in no time. 

Thanks for the generous amount of flint. Should last a lifetime. I only wish gun flints were priced as cheaply, comparatively over here. 

I am new to the whole Bushcraft way. Usually camp in forestry campsites with picnic tables and car access.  Once again, thanks. Am glad I came across one of your u tube videos.   Mitch McCrea.  Maple Ridge, B.C. Canada

A quick message to let you know that I have received the item and am more than happy with it. Thank you for your great service and excellent quality handmade items. Kind regards,  Daniel

Dear Helen & Mark, Received my order from you all yesterday in the post and just finished testing everything this morning. 

Everything was “OUTSTANDING IN EVERYWAY”……….Your Sulphur Spill Matches performed exceptionally well and I’ll be using them in my teachings in the future. 

Thank You, Stephen G.  USA