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CUSTOMER FEEDBACK & PHOTOS - Fire Steels  & Tinders   

Dragon's Head Flint & Steel Striker for Traditional Fire Lighting

“Beautiful item, great quality and value. Very fast delivery. Received some extra goodies that was not expected but much appreciated. Would defiantly buy from them again.”   Selkhetegypt 10/02/22

Traditional Fire Lighting 

Hello Beaver Bushcraft Elves,  My package of fire starting goodies arrived today and I’m just delighted with everything!The exquisiteness and quality of the mini tree of life leather pendant is just adorable and the beauty and quality of the dragon fore steel is exceptional.  

For the extra fire lighting bits and pieces you added, I’m very grateful. As a youth worker myself, this will all come in handy when I meet up with  our local lovely, bushcraft youth worker up here in the Scottish highlands, 'Wildcat Bushcraft' and share these wee treats with him so that young people can explore the fun of this firelighting technique in the Spring and Summer.

Most likely, I’ll be in touch for more fire Strikers. :) Warmest regards & thank you again!  Jacquie Steel  21/01/2022

Traditional Curly Viking Flint & Steel Striker  

“Happy New Year BB. Excellent striker, really appreciate the additional flint and tinder”  Turby Widget 03/01/22  

Dragon's Head Flint & Steel Striker  

”Absolutely brilliant and thank you for the flint and tinder”.  Charlie 02/01/2022

Traditional Viking Dragon Ship Flint & Steel  Fire Striker  

"Fast to arrive and excellent quality. Very happy with this. The attention to detail on the striker is amazing". Mathew Sumner 18/10/2021  

 '15th c.' Shaped Flint & Steel Fire Striker

"Fantastic quality (and works a treat) - very highly recommended - will be back " ! Cgct22 18/10/2021  

 3-in-1 Fire Dog Striker  

Good afternoon, last week I ordered a 3-in-1 Fire Dog, through eBay I believe. You couldn't have known that it was for my sons birthday but he was absolutely delighted to open it and discover that you had added some amadou and flint too. He is building a 'survival kit' as part of a Scouting task. I just wanted to say thank you, so much, for such thoughtfulness and generosity.

Thank you. Tim  20 Jun 2021

Mini Pocket Sized Tinderbox with Mini Fire Steel

Hi, It arrived today and I have to say I love it all! I currently have a "C" shaped striker and it is so hard to hold.  I have searched for a long time until I came across your website.  The dragon striker is tiny but so easy to hold and use.  There is enough surface for my fingers without whacking my knuckles on the flint.  I really like the leather covered striker too. It is such an innovative idea and works really well.  The chaga is cool!  I never thought it would smell like leather. LOL Thank you for such nice products.  I will be sure to spread the word around over here in the states for you. Sincerely,  Linda Gehrke 10/05/2021 

May Feedback 2021:

Traditional Flint & Steel 

Hi, I received the package the other day, just wanted to say thanks.  Half a dozen strikes on the steel and I had an ember, fantastic!  Just shows you when you have the right tools, what can be a struggle becomes effortless. Many thanks, Damian 15/03/21 

Traditional Flint & Steel 

Thank you very much for a correct and timely order.  I am extremely happy with your products.  Steel is beautiful and really sparks.  The flint is better than I thought it would be…the quality and sizing of the rocks is really nice. Thank You, Moses.  19 /04/21

 April Feedback 2021: 

Dragon Traditional Flint & Steel Striker 

Hi Mark and Helen,  thank you so much for my delivery. I have to say the pics of the Shongdong steel does not do it justice. Its amazing and fits perfect in my hand for striking, it looking great too. thank you as always for your amazing service. I hope you are both well and keeping safe. take care, Steve B, Edinburgh, Scotland, p.s. Happy Easter to you both. 02/03/2021

Some Feedback from March 2021 

  • "Love the steel striker and thanks for the extras brilliant service".  Traditional Viking Horse Flint & Steel Striker. Carla Johnson 
  • "love it. thanx".  Traditional Viking Dragon Ship Flint & Steel Striker.  Libby Skye 
  • "A Great Item. Very Pleased. Thank You".   Traditional Simple 'Viking' Style Flint & Steel Striker.  Elhamite 

"Finally got out to play today. Lit my first ever fire with flint and steel. Char took on the first strike and lit the fire first time. I’m hooked! Striker works really well with the ferro rod too. Thank you once again".  John Fox  06/02/2021 

Jon Fox fire steel   Jon Fox fire steel 2

Some February Feedback :

Some January Feedback:

Some December Feedback:

Traditional Flint & Steel Striker   

After playing with the flint and steel  I got the other day I just ordered 4 more and some flint . Your product is top notch .You should be very proud of your team. 

Ron Trojanek.  20/11/2020 

Traditional Flint & Steel Striker   

Dear Beaverbushcraft, I received the package with the firesteel today and was also glady surprised to get a piece of amadou with it. This goes well into my brass flint and steel box or ‘tondeldoos’ as we call it here in the Netherlands. It looks like I finally obtainded a proper fire steel, as one ordered from the UK some years ago hardly gives a spark. The Nordic or Celtisch design (?) is really added value. Looking forward to making a flint and steel fire soon in the sequence of primitive or traditional fire making I am practicing currently; including successful bow fire making. It’s great fun and a good set of skills to have. 

Anyway, thank you for the great service and attention. Looking forward to purchase from you again in the future. Perhaps a Hudson bay tinder box, which looks great. Cheers, Erwin van Maanen, EcoNatura – Onderzoek voor Natuur, Landschap & Duurzaamheid,  Science for Nature & People l Thinking ecosystems.15/10/20 

 A nice little mention on Facebook from Kenny Knoble of his recent Beaver Bushcraft purchase.

 Kenny Koble photo of his beaver bushcraft fire steel

Hello.  I just wanted to tell you how much I like my thor's hammer striker.  It's the perfect size for striking.  The only thing I'd modify is making the hole be 8mm to accept 550 paracord.  I also really like the amadou it takes a spark amazingly.  I had only used charcloth, poplar inner bark and hemlock twigs for the most part because it's plentiful.  Flint is handy as well as it does spark better than local quartz.  First purchase.  You are on my radar now. Sender: Brother Paul Brenton Benard 26/09/20  

Saw this awesome conversation on the Bushcraft Trading Post Facebook group page what some people had to say about our traditional Fire Steel Stikers.  How lovely! 

Bushcraft Trading group 

A lovely customer called Phillip ruffley sent us this lovely photo of one of our Animal & Mythical Fire steels who said " Hi there, Thought you might like to know that I sent this to a friend in Brazil. Who is now over the moon with her new fire starter. Thank you so much for your great products.  Many thanks. Philip 27/07/20 

Phil Ruff of his beaver bushcraft fire steel 

 Combo Fire Striker 

  • Good item and as described. Scottyhoundogd5
  • Really pleased, appreciated the cord and bit of fire starter thank you jadedmisscaine
  • Fantastic, A One. Paul Marto 
  • Amadou Natural Amadou Tinder

  • Great product, quick delivery. Xander Green   
  • All as described, speedy too, cracking altogether! Strop_21  

 Loving this action shot from dirty-old-burton on Instgram of his Beaver Bushcraft Fire Steel. Great to see it being used with some Amadou.

old_dirty_burton of his fire steel from beaver bushcraft  dirty_old_burton of his beaver bushcraft fire steel 

Some feed back from our June 2020 customers:

  • Traditional 9th C Viking Style Flint & Steel Striker "Fantastic steel lightest of strokes gives decent sparks thanks". uk_whimp 
  • Traditional 'Triskele' Design Flint & Steel Striker "Excellent item total quality and can’t wait to use it in the field", Ben Selby 
  • Traditional 'Triskele' Design Flint & Steel Striker "Just as described. Great bit of kit. Many thanks"Bushcraft Basics 
  • Traditional 'Fort Dodge' C Shaped Flint & Steel Striker. "Just the job! A1+++ trader!!!! " Big Nige

Combo Fire Striker 

  • "Very good quality item and as described" . Scottyhounddog
  • "Fantastic, A One!. Paul Marto
  • "Great " Stoneeyegaz
  • "Great product", Munchh

Traditional Fire Steel Striker

Received the flint striker and it is perfect!  Such a great product. It will be a gift for my grandson. Thank you so much, Roger Meadows, 18/06/2020

May Feedback 2020: 

  • Natural Amadou Tinder for Fire Lighting & Traditional Viking Tear Drop Flint & Steel Pendant Fire Striker "Thank you very much. Wonderful πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘" .Phil Hock
  • Traditional 'Oval' Flint & Steel Striker.  "Really great item. Top product and arrived in time, very pleased, recommended". Jammchris 
  • Traditional 'Seahorse' Flint & Steel Striker. "It’s beautiful,thank you very much for the extras..!" Tim Bean
  • Combo Fire Striker "Excellent can't fault them". Billvidge 
  • Traditional Flint & Steel Tinderbox + Full Fire Lighting Kit. "Thank you so much,worth every penny,brilliant,fast delivery great service!" Brimorr 
  • "Received Steel..Amazing! Thank you".Terry M 

Fire Lighting with Flint & Steel 

Hi Mark and Helen, I just heard a knock at my front door I have been waiting for. the Postman with my order. thank you so much for the extras, that was very kind of you both. You are now on my Christmas card list. I have tried out my striker already and got an ember on first strike! Very happy customer. take care, be safe of to practise.

Kind regards, Steve B, 09/05/20

woodsmon on Instgram also did a short video of one of our tiny pendant strikers and challanged several of his followers to see if the could create sparks using a small piece of Flint & a tiny striker.  "Tiny Spark Challenged myself. Inspired by finding this tiny flint shard on my walk today. Pendant fire steel from  Beaver Bushcraft always around my neck and a little char cloth". 

 tiny spark challenge

Traditional Curly Viking Style Flint & Steel Striker

  • Thank you, this is lovely, am very happy.  Fast delivery, great service. Thanks again! Brimorr_57. March 2020 
  • Great item.thanks. Bebarke_32. March 2020

Traditional Heart Shaped Flint & Steel Striker

  • Thank you Helen & Mark for the ‘extras’. Arrived quickly. Highly Recommended. Vicaragebeams. March 2020 

Traditional 'Celtic' Flint & Steel Striker Pendant

  • Great item and super-fast delivery. Recommended. Many thanks! A+++++++++++++++++. Lovable Lyndsey March 2020
  • Quality product, quickly delivered. 100% . Thank you. Fraxxinus. March 2020

We had to share this epic pic that was taken by Martin Rolin who is the cheif instructor at Silver Back Buscraft School. This is of his Beaver Bushcraft  'Dragon Long Boat Fire Steel' that he was using. Awesome! 

Martin Rolin from Silver Back Bushcraft of his dragon boat striker 

Animal & Mythical Fire Steels 

  • Traditional Viking Style Horse Flint & Steel Fire Striker bought by R Pat "Fantastic item. Throw lots of sparks and fits in to pockets easily" 04/02/2020
  • Traditional 'Dragon' Flint & Steel Striker  bought by Chezzy Lad "Great piece of kit, great service. Will definitely use again. Thanks guys"  03/02/2020
  • made a lovely comment of his Beaver Bushcraft Fire Steel," The simplest fire starting kit you can ever get but the most pleasuring feeling of creating flame by striking steel to flint !" 

Thors Hammer Flint & Steel Striker 

Got my awesome Thor’s Hammer steel pendant & Flint strikers with a handy little pouch from #beaverbushcraft – A great UK-based Bushcraft supplies store I found online. Would highly recommend anyone wanting to get into Bushcraft to them out. 'ageminidragon' on Instagram 28/01/2020

On the left is another great pic by Prepper In The Woods and gives this great little statement " Testing out some tinder from Beaver Bushcraft. Never tried chaga before with flint & steel before. Tried it and it works a treat, highly recommend their flint & steel sets and tinder" . Thank you guys for the great testimonials and for tagging us in on your photos.

vildmark and his beaver bushcraft fire steel and flint  prepper in the woods flint & steel with chaga by beaver bushcraft 

Jan 2020 on Instagram and another set of photos of our Tinder Teaser. The one of the left is by Wildnwelloutdoors on instgram and the one on the right is by Prepper In The Woods: “As a striker for a ferro rod this guy throws some good sparks @ beaverbushcraft”. Always good to read our customer comments.  Prepper In The Woods has also done a neat little video on his You Tube channel of the Tinder Teaser. He even found some extra uses for it that we hadn’t even thought of. 

 wildnwelloutdoors pic of a bb tinder teaser tagged in instgram prepper in the woods pic of his tinder teaser on instgram 

A lovely set of photos from Prepper In The Woods showing his collection of Fire Lighting esstentials, so great to see so many of them are from Beaver Bushcahcraft. Thank you so much for the tag on Instrgram.

Prepper in the woods fire steel from beaver bushcraft  Prepper in the woods fire lighting edc with some items from from beaver bus

Viking Style Fire Steels 

  • hank you Helen and Mark for the quick delivery of my Viking Ship steel. Also thank you for the Flint and tinder. I ordered some Amadou from you in last few days which again arrived very quickly. Have a lovely Christmas and hope your New Year is a prosperous one. I will definitely order more from you in New Year.  Fred Letch 24/12/2019
  • Perfect thank you very much I shall be buying more stuff from you. Leighton 22/12/2019
  • Great item received with thanks. Steve P 22/12/2019

Some great photos sent in from Wildnwelloutdoors from Instagram of him using one of our new Tinder Teasers Multi Fire Lighting Tool.

wildnweeloutdoors of beaver bushcrafts edc tool   wildnwelloutdoors beaver bushcraft

 Traditional Flint & Steel Strikers  

Some feedback we've recieved so far this month - December 2019        

  • Good price for the quality. Traditional Curly Viking Style Flint & Steel Striker. Dumnonni 
  • Excellent just what my brother wants for his camping trips, thank you!  Traditional Hudson Bay Oval Flint & Steel Fire Striker. Jay  
  • Great item, very pleased.  Traditional Hudson Bay Oval Flint & Steel Fire Striker.  Bigleym  

Classic Flint & Steel Tinderbox  

We were tagged in some great set of photos this week on Instagram the first set was from Chris @ Katana_Hiker of his recent purchase of this new Flint & Steel Kit and shows him using Amadou for the first time. 05/12/19

Katana Hikers flint and steel from beaver Bushcraft   Katana Hikers beaver bushcraft tinder box  Katana Hiker beaver bushcraft

The second set of photos are from Wildnwelloutdoors on Instagram of his Beaver Bushcraft multi tool. These are temporary sold out but hope to have some more shortly.

 wildnweeloutdoors of beaver bushcrafts edc tool  wildnwelloutdoors beaver bushcraft

Traditional Flint & Steel Strikers 

Some feedback we recieved last month - Novemeber 2019

  • Speedy delivery and lovely item. Highly recommend. Traditional Curly Viking Style Flint & Steel Striker.  Rob 
  • Fantastic product and great quality. Will use this company again.  Traditional Viking 'Tear Drop' Flint & Steel Striker. Dundavan
  • Excellent, many thanks. Traditional Viking Style Horse Flint & Steel Fire Striker.  Herry
  • Good product and service. Traditional Curly Viking Style Flint & Steel Striker.  Wolfsdream
  • Good seller...excellent service, no complaints at all ! Excellent product ! Traditional Hudson Bay Oval Flint & Steel Fire Striker. Whistler
  • Stunning item A+ Thank you. Traditional Old Nordic Design Flint & Steel Striker.  Otterboy 
  • Great seller brilliant items couldn't recommend more.  Traditional 'Dragon' Flint & Steel Striker.  Franceamies 
  • EXCELLENT.quick post/well packed/honest postage............. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Traditional Tear Drop Pendant Flint & Steel Striker.  Skefs  

Some more lovely feedback :) ..... 

Good morning, Thank you, i received the parcel yesterday and it was waiting for me at home after a day working in the woods, perfect!  The steel is beautiful and bigger than i thought it was going to be, i like that. Throws some magnificent sparks. Pleasure doing business with you and will be a repeat customer for sure. We run a forest school and outdoor skills CIC, and will be looking to increase our equipment in the not too distant future and have my eye on plenty of your stock.. πŸ™‚  I will be using the steel today at a workshop i am running for another organisation in our area today and i am sure it will get plenty of positive feedback.

Thanks again and have a great weekend, Kind regards, Nick. 03/11/2019

 We have had some lovely feedback so far this month (Oct 2019) about our Traditional Flint & Steel Strikers…here’s some of the comments we have received:

  •  Dear Mark, A delightful surprise, thank you very much. The amadou was a revelation! Kind regards, Paul Groves. 03/11/2019
  • "By the way, the carbon steel striker in the previous order is the best sparker I have ever used - sparks nice and hot". Kind regards, Paul. 30/10/2019 
  • "EXCELLENT.quick post/well packed/honest postage............. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED" Skefs : 29/10/2019 
  • “Outstanding Quality Goods From This Seller. Would Use Again” from Johnsons4teddy 
  • “Excellent Product !!! Lowest Price !!! Fast Delivery !!!” from 14erling 
  • “Thank You, Great Product And Seller” from Pbaybbay 
  • “Superb. Very Pleased. Thank You” from Sellingmycoincollection73 
  • “Excellent, 5 Stars All Round!! **** Thank You For The Extras!!!” from Adamj3962 
  • “Excellent Item” from Telerik 
  • “Fantastic! Really Nicely Made” from  Buy4mecharlie

We came along this great little post on Instagram from Crosby-Darren about his traditional Fire Steel and ferro rod he purchased from us at Beaver Bushcraft. Always nice to hear nice things said about us.

Crosby-Darren & beaver bushcraft   feeb back about beaver bushcraft

 Traditional Hudson Bay Oval Flint & Steel Fire Striker 

Great.  It got sparks first strike. 5 stars.  Michael  27/09/2019

Triskele Pendant /Steel Striker 

Helen and Mark, The Triskele sword pendant I got from you is gorgeous and of excellent craftsmanship. I love it . Thank you so very much. I was also impressed at the fast shipping. I did not expect it to arrive as fast as something ordered from a UK seller.   I've been looking for a Cross pendant striker for me and to gift my kids and nephews. I found several online, but to be honest, I loved your craftsmanship. Could you do a Cross pendant striker?  Again, thank you, Jose 15/09/2019 

 We saw this great post on Instgram from madeinnature about their Beaver Bushcraft Tiskele Fire Steel Pendant. Great little review.  

Mindinnature of their beaver bushcraft fire steel pendant   feed back from mindsinnature

Some recent feedback from some of ur lovely customers this past week:10/09/2019

It is perfect :) always goin to have it with me:  jackh02517 

Superb, quick and right delliver. High workmanship!! Storjagarn67 

Thanks, lovely bit of crafted kit. Put straight to use. Benny paddler Really beautiful looking makes a great pendant very unique recommend . Kazzy  πŸ‘

Hi Mark and Helan, Just to let you know that I received my order on Saturday all in tip top condition, Fantastic 100% happy with them all as I always am when I order from you top quality, Thank you, Kindest regards Geoff :) 02/09/2019

We were sent these lovely set of photos by James Ian David from  "The Copper Pot Camp Site" based in Cornwall, showing off his recent purchase of one of our Andrew Kirkham hand forged traditional fire steels with tinder kit.  

66500998_2078190429148815_2601580743385677824_n  beaver bushcraft char cloth with ember by Copper Pot Campsite

These lovely photos were shared to our Beaver Bushcraft Facebook page from Elizabeth Anne Woodall. They show her recent purchase of 'Drogan',  one of our traditional Flint & Steel Dragon Stickers and one of our Starter Tinder Pouch Kits. Our Starter Tinder Pouch Kits are a great way of trying out samples of our Tinders that we have on offer without breaking the bank. 

Wlizabeth Anne Woodhall  Elizabeth Anne Woodhall 


Flint & Steel Pendants 

Just wanted to say I am really really happy with the steels! I was looking for something like a necklace for a while, even ordered something elsewhere (which was not what I hoped for) before I found your site. And now with these small ones, they are really pretty, not heavy, perfect for a necklae, and they work fantastic! They spark very easily. So thank you very much! Next time I know where to order ;-) Iris 26/08/2019

 Viking Horse Flint & Steel Striker

Impressed with the quality and the speed in shipping. I had purchased the Viking horse striker as a gift and my wife loved it. Thanks again Dave Woodington 24/08/2019

Hello from Wyoming! Just wanted to say thank you for the quick shipping, and excellent packaging, everything arrived in perfect condition. I'm really looking forward to getting back out in the woods and trying my new flint and steel. I'll definitely be ordering again, and recommending you to friends. Thanks again, Lee Wilson Casper, Wyoming, USA 21/08/2019 

Another great shot of one of our fire Steel pendants. This photo was taken by Carrot Cake 20 (on Instgram) showing her Fire Steel Pendant on one of our Tinder Strarter kits. 



Dear Mark and Helen,  Yesterday I received my order in excellent condition. Thank you very much! Thank you for your great service!  Yours sincerely, Paul  The Netherlands 08/08/2019

Traditional 'R' Shaped Fire Steel Striker

Over the moon with it! Thank you so much, Victoria Kirton , 24/07/2019

Animal Traditional Flint & Steel Strikers 

Just to say thank you also for the firesteels (seahorse and swan). My mother and sister were delighted. I've reviewed and recommended them on Facebook today. Lovely quality. Best wishes, Michael Robinson. 10/07/2019

Traditional ‘Curly Viking’ Style Flint & Steel Fire Striker

  • Excellent product,with a personal touch. Fast delivery. Great seller, Thanks. Dave Otter.03/06/2019
  • Brilliant little striker 5* A+++++ : 5vicaragebeam 03/06/2019
  • Excellent customer service and a great flint and steel ,very pleased thank you! Davina 03/06/2019
  • Super item and lovely extras thanks. Ana Japhone   03/06/2019 

Traditional Flint & Steels Fire Strikers

Dear Sir/Madam.  

I want to start my email to you apologizing for not emailing you earlier as I had wanted. So please forgive me in my late email to you and I truly am profusely sorry. 

The reason why I am so sorry is because, I was so taken back not only by the speed of you emailing me to tell me a matter had be sorted out, but I could tell that you genuinely cares and kept me well informed.  Now this leads me on to my second reason why I am so sorry for not emailing you earlier.  

From my weighty well wrapped parcel I thought is this my order?

As I opened the outer packaging I was overwhelmed by how well each and every item was separately wrapped. The brown thin paper wrapping was such a nice touch, almost like everything was gift wrapped. Your presentation on how I received my items to me, was done with caring hands and a thoughtful mind. The labeling, the choice of cord and cards attached to the steels, the note inside, the whole lot. I literally had to sit down and have a look at each item, carefully handling them as you did when you wrapped them for me. The workmanship on those steels are amazing, really perfect workmanship from a skilled craftsmen. Then I discovered that you gave me a few extras. WOW thank you sooo much. I really am looking forward to trying out the new Tinder's and matches. 

I still can't get over what a personal professional service you are providing. It's taken me a whole week to reply to you, literally as I have been lost for words to tell you just how happy I am. Thank you so much and I really do mean that.  Best Wishes, Rew Fisher, 20/01/2019  

Dragon Fire Steel  

Mark and Hells. Just a not to say the Fire Steel arrived today and I have to say I am so impressed, the weight, quality forging and the sparks it produces if just amazing. Thank you so much. Regards  Buzz 07/04/2018. 


Flint & Steel Viking Squid   

Hi, Just to say recieved my 2nd flint and steel order. Very happy with it .Thanks guys. Regards Mark Laryea 31/03/2018  

 Flint & Steel Fire Lighting 

I've received just today. I congratulate You for Your speed, Your accuracy and - very important - Your generosity. I like speaking to my students about survival and technology.Of course I'm going to advertise Beaver Bushcraft.Many greetings from Rome. Yours  Giovanni. 24/03/2018




Fantastic product and great quality. Will use this company again

Traditional Viking 'Tear Drop' Flint & Steel Striker Dundavan


Great seller brilliant items couldn't recommend more

Traditional 'Dragon' Flint & Steel Striker Franceamies





Speedy delivery and lovely item. Highly recommend.

Traditional Curly Viking Style Flint & Steel Striker   Rob



Stunning item A+ Thank you.

Traditional Old Nordic Design Flint & Steel Striker Otterboy



Good seller...excellent service, no complaints at all ! Excellent product !

Traditional Hudson Bay Oval Flint & Steel Fire Striker Wistler-TVP


Good product and service.

Traditional Curly Viking Style Flint & Steel Striker Wolfsdream


 Excellent, many thanks.

Traditional Viking Style Horse Flint & Steel Fire Striker  Herry


EXCELLENT.quick post/well packed/honest postage............. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED


Traditional Tear Drop Pendant Flint & Steel Striker Skefs