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Size really does matter!!!

The Challenge

To create an ember using Traditional ‘Flint & Steel’, but the challenge is to use the smallest piece of flint you are capable using. Leather and fire new mini leather pendant for beaver bushcraftTo start the ball rolling take a look at the short video I made of me using a piece of natural flint that measures just 7mm Long by 4.5mm Wide by 1mm Thick.

Fire new mini round tinderbox by beaver bushcraft

All you have to do is do better than this to be in the running to win one of our new Leather Pendant 1-3/4 Inch Round Tin Mini Tinderbox with Traditional Flint & Steel Mini Tinderbox (85-2041)

The Challenge RULES: -

  • The SMALLEST piece of Natural Flint wins the challenge. You may make as many video attempts at the Challenge as you please, however, only the Smallest piece of Natural Flint will win.
  • You must use a Traditional ‘Flint & Steel’ (i.e. a piece of Natural Flint and a traditional Fire Steel made from some kind of High Carbon Steel). Ferro Cerium Strikers (i.e. artificial modern flint strikers are not allowed.
  • You can use any tinder you please as long as it is made from natural materials as provided by nature (e.g. Fungi such as Chaga, Amadou etc., Natural Charred Materials such as from Cotton, Linen, Jute, Kapok or any Plant Down, Plant Fibre or Wood etc. Tinder can be processed (e.g. Cotton into Char Cloth etc.).
  • You must Share this Challenge to your own Face Book page or Instagram account, and tag us in @BeaverBushcraft.
  • You must Share your videos to the Beaver Bushcraft Face Book page.
  • Tie Beakers: if it comes to a tiebreaker the winner will be the one who creates the ember with the least number of strikes, if this is a tiebreaker the winner will be the one who uses the most natural piece of tinder (e.g. Chaga will trump over Amadou, Amadou will trump over Charred Natural Materials, which will trump over materials such as Char Cloth made from Cotton or Linen etc., which will trump over anything else).
  • You follow the Video Rules (listed below)

The Challenge Video Rules: -

You must video the ember being created applying the following criteria: -

  • The video must be taped in one take.
  • The video must NOT be edited in any way.
  • No trick photography or sleight of hand please!
  • The piece of Natural Flint, Traditional Fire Steel and Tinder must be shown all together at the beginning of the video (as in my video).
  • The piece of Natural Flint must be shown next to a standard commercially bought ruler, before it is used on the video so that its size can be verified.
  • You must state the actual size of the piece of Natural Flint in Millimetres (mm) and what the Tinder is made from.
  • No artificial or mechanical devices can be used to hold the piece of Natural Flint, Tinder or Fire Steel. In other words you must hold the Tinder, Flint and Steel in your bare hands with your fingers and or natural finger nails only.

Terms and Conditions

Please read and understand our Terms and Conditions. By making an entry into this Challenge you agree that you have read, understand agreed to all of our Terms and Conditions listed in the following link (Terms and Conditions).