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The Decimator Giveaway

The Decimator Giveaway is a FREE giveaway where we will refund the purchase price of any individual product sold to every tenth customer who purchases that particular item.

Just to be clear, we will refund 1 in 10 customers who purchase any individual item on this page. Each item has its own 1 in 10 chance of qualify for the refund.

Terms & Conditions apply. More Info...

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  • The Decimator Giveaway is not intended to promote gambling in any way, it is offered as a FREE, fun giveaway to customers who just happens to want an item that is showcased on this page.
  • To prevent gambling, NO item on this page will qualify for this offer if that item is purchased on its own as a single item purchase, (i.e. without the purchase of at least one other product from our web site).
  • If an item on this page is the only item placed in your Cart and then bought as a single item purchase, the full price of the item will stand and the item will not be included in this offer.