Customer Photos

Be part of our journey at Beaver Bushcraft.

This Page is dedicated to our Customers and fellow Bushcrafters who have bought our products and have made them their own. We love seeing our work in action and most importantly, being used!  We hope this Page inspires other people to take photographs of our items in action and share them with us. To feature on this page you can contact us via our Email address: [email protected] or Facebook @ Helen Hordon or Mark Hordon (Tag or P M) or Instagram: Beaver Bushcraft  (Tag or D M). 

Ian Monaghan sent us this photo of his recent purchase from us, one of our 'limited edition mini fire lighting kits' that comes in its own hand crafted leather belt pouch. We hope he gets many years of enjoyment from it.

Pic from Ian of his limied edition mini fire lighting kit from beaver bushc 

On the left is a pic from rebelinthehills of their Beaver Bushcraft 'Vikking Hump Back' Fire Steel and in the middle another of wildnwelloutdoors awesome pics on Instagram of his BB Tinder Teaser. On the far right is a picture from Dean Johnston of his collection of his BB Fire Steels. Dean is a huge collector of fire steels and a great YouTuber too.

rebelsinthehills  wildnwelloutdoors tinder teasre by BB   Deans BB fire steels on our facebook group

And some more tags this week on Instagtram: On the left is a photo from whatwoodysees of his classic Beaver Bushcraft Tinderbox (sadly now out of stock) and on the right a photo by kristianjersing of his unpacking of his overseas order from Beaver Bushcraft 
whatwoodysees  kristianjersing 

A couple of photos seen on Instagram this week featuring our products. On the left is a pic by wildernessadventure of his BB Leather Solar Pendant in use. On the right is a pic by wildnwelloutdoors of his Beaver Bushcraft Tinder Teaser.
wildernessadventure of his beaver bushcratt solar pendant in use.  wildnwelloutdoors of his tinder teaser 

Two more photos that we were tagged in this wethis week ek, on the left was taken by carolina_chris_ outdoors on Instgram of his Beaver Bushcraft Dragon Boat fire steel and on the right was taken by lisablueglass of her Beaver Bushcraft Sea Horse fire steel striker.

caralina_chris_outdoors  lisablueglass 

Phillip Ruffley sent us this great photo of one of our anaimal strikers that he'd sent out to his frind out in Brazil. Love this photo.
 Phil Ruff of his beaver bushcraft fire steel

Always great to see that Renzo from renzo_cimone_outdoor uses his Beaver Bushcraft copper Hudson Bay Tiderbox whne he's out teaching fire lighting techniques at his Bushcraft school in Italy. 

renzos copper hudson bay by beaver bushcraft  renzos beaver bushcraft copper hudson bay 

As tagged in by drakes_landing on instagram.
Drakes_ Landing reveiw of the week a beaver bushcraft fire steel   drakes landing review of beaver bushcraft

On the left is a pic from ant_on_leather of his Beaver Bushcraft traditional Viking fire steel he recently purchased and on the right is a photo we were tagged in by joes_outdooradvetures of his traditional 'R' Shaped fire steel striker. 
ant_on_leather   joes_outdoorsadvetures of his beaver bushcraft fire steel


Loving this action shot from dirty-old-burton on Instgram of his Beaver Bushcraft Fire Steel. Great to see it being used with some Amadou.
old_dirty_burton of his fire steel from beaver bushcraft  dirty_old_burton of his beaver bushcraft fire steel 

 A recent tag are these photos from dru_nen on Instagram of the bespoke leather zippo case we recently made him for his cool 'Tree of Life' lighter.

dru-nen of his bespoke zippo case by beaver bushcraft  dru-nen- of his beaver bushcraft bespoke leather zippo lighter case 

We were sent this lovely photo from a customer called Gerard Wiseman who ordered one of our handmade leather Cuffs for a photo shoot his friend was doing. Great photo and the cuff compliments the tattoo beautifully.

Cuff by beaver bushcraft 

Two more tags on Instagram one of our mini little Flint & Steel Tinder Kits (left) from dads-bad-photos & one tag from Mike Vaughan (right) of one of our Tinder Teasers that he added into his own kit.

dads bad photos of his BB kit   mike vaughan

Great to see our products is use, here's a couple of photos by joes_outdooradventures on Instgram of his 'R' shaped BB traditional Fire Steel striker.

Joe_outdooradventures of BB fire steel   Joes_outdooradvetures bb R shaped fire steel

Found this little gem of a photo on an Instagram story by rob_bousefield of his mini triskele Beaver Bushcraft fire steel pendant. Liitle but still makes sparks!

rob_bousefield of BB fire steel pendant 

 We were trawling though Instagram yestreday when we came across this photo of one of our distressed leather Sami Style Pouches and these lovely comments by jw_apothecary : 

jw_apothecary pics and coments about BB  Comments on instgram about BB   Instagram commnetson beaver bushcraft

This lovely photo of one of our new triskel Curly Viking inspired Fire Steels was sent to us by Steph Frs 

Steph Firs pic of BB fire steel 

This is such a great photo from Ivargasyoga on Instragram & show cases their collection of Beaver Bushcraft fire lighting items. We love it!!!

 Pic by Ivargasyoga

Leather 'Bottle Holder' 

This picture was taken by camping_cooking 101 on Instagram of one of our mini leather 'bottle holders' that we made with each one sold we gave £5.00 to the NHS. It was so nice to be able to give something back to such a great cause.

 campfire_cooking 101

Thom_bushcraftportal_cz always takes some amazing lifestyle photos on his instagram account. Here's a few he's taken featuring his Beaver Bushcraft Brass Hudson Bay Tinderbox 

Thom photo of his BB HBTB  Thom_Bushcraftportal_cz   Thoms pic of his HBTB

We were tagged in theses photos by Bloodynice65 on Instagram of one of our hand stitched leather bottle holders. 

Our NHS bottle   bloodynice65 pic bloodynice65 photo of BB bottle holder 

Love this photo by Tenderfoot_Bushcraft on Instagram of his new copper English (Beaver Bushcraft) Tinderbox that he got for his 30th Birthday. Happy Fire Lighting ! 

 Tinderbox pic

We were tagged in this photo by Hawthornbushcraft who had recently purchsed one of our bespoke leather belts & belt loops so that he he could put his own leather pieces on that he made himself. Nice to know our belts are put to goood use.

Hawthornbushcraft  Hornthornbushcraft 

John Parry tagged us in these photos on the Traditional Tinderbox Admiration Society group on facebook. The photos Show one of our Viking style Fire steels and one of our very popular starter Tinder Pouch kits.   

Beaver bushcrat flint and steel kit   John Parry

woodsmon on Instgram also did a short video of one of our tiny pendant strikers and challanged several of his followers to see if the could create sparks using a small piece of Flint & a tiny striker.  "Tiny Spark Challenged myself. Inspired by finding this tiny flint shard on my walk today. Pendant fire steel from  Beaver Bushcraft always around my neck and a little char cloth". 

 tiny spark challenge

wildwelloutdoors on Instagram not only took a few photos of his Beaver Bushcraft Combo Fire Strikers and his Tinder Teaser but he also left a few nice words about us too.

wild well outdoors combo fire strikers  review by wild well outdoors of bb combo fire striker  wildwelloutdoors of his tinderteaser 

a.m.bushcraft_hunting on Instagram tagged us in these recent photos he took of his new Beaver Bushcraft Clasic Tinderbox he recently purchased from us. 

a.m.bustcraft _hunting  am bushcraft n hunting mail drop from beaver bushcraft 

Thom_bushcraftportal_cz on Instgram is a very much respected knife maker in his country, so for him to use our products is always a compliment. This is a pic of his Beaver Bushcraft Hudson Bay Tinderbox with one of our traditional styled Dragon Fire steels.   


Mike Vaughan sent us this photo of him wearing one of our hand stitched leather mini bottle holders. We wanted to do something that would also help the NHS during the Corona Crisis, so for every one sold we donated £5.00 to the NHS charity  
 Mike Vaughan of his leather bottle holder

Graham Crane on the left and the Salt Box UK on the right showing their latest purchses of our Combo Fire Strikers. We have been producing these little strikers for about 7 years now and are one of our best selling EDCs of all time.  
graham Crane combo fire strikers salt box uk 

Prepper_in_the_woods always does some great YouTube footage. Its great to see so many of our products featured in other peoples videos. This particular photo shows one of our Brass Hudson Bay Tinderboxes.

prepper in the woods beaver bushcraft hudson bay tinderbox  p in the w notes 

Vildmark on Instagram always does some great photos and YouTube videos. This photo shows one of our hand forged traditional R shaped fire steels.

 Vildmark of a beaver bushcraft striker

Big_Man_In_The_Woods on Instagram of his recent prize. Mark was nomitaed by a friend of his for a recent Give Away that we did for our hard working Key Workers during the Civid 19 crisis.

 big man woods pic of bb product  big mans post on bb

rar_knives_ and_leatherwork on Instagram of his Beaver Bushcraft bespoke leather solar lens.

 rar-knives and leatherwork

Carrotcake20 on Instagram of their mini Beaver Bushcraft fire steel pendant

 carrottcake20 of bbs mini fire steel

Daniel Alymer. We were tagged in these photos from Daniel Alymer from the 'Lyde River Rendezvous Meet ' of him wearing his Beaver Bushcraft leather neck pouch & his photo of our Beaver Trading Post Sign.

Dan wearing our neck pouch  Dans picture of our sign at beaver bushcraft 

Martin Rolin. This is one hell of a photo taken by Martin Rolin who is the cheif instructor at Silver Back Buscraft School. This is of his Beaver Bushcraft  'Dragon Long Boat Fire Steel' that he was using. What an epic pic!
Martin Rolin from Silver Back Bushcraft of his dragon boat striker

Paul Eldridge. This photo from Paul Eldridge shows off his collection of some of our bespoke leather work. We do make it to last too.

Paul Eldrige pic of his beaver bushcraft bespoke leather work 

Rezone From Cimone Outdoor Bushcraft. Loving Renzo's photoss (from Cimone Outdoor Bushcraft School) of his fire lighting kit that he uses for teaching. Featuring one of our Copper Hudson Bay Tinderboxes and Thor's Hammer Flint & Steel Strikers. It aways gives us a sence of pride knowing our fellow Bushcrafters actually use our products for teaching and demonstrating.

renzos hudson bay tinderbox with beaver bushcraft fire steel  Cimone bushcraft shcools fire lighting kit 

Tea2Sugars. We were tagged into these photos by 'tea2sugars' of his father's old axe that he wanted to restore. He used one of our handmade, hand dyed axe collar gaurds to finish the restoration job. 

tea2sugars bb axe collar  tea2sugars axe coller for a gransfor bruks 

Bill Maed aka FireBuzzy. An awesome set of Photos from FireBuzzy of his collection of beaver Bushcraft Vintage Tinderboxes and collectables. Absolutely buzzing ! 

bill mead vintage bb tinderbox collection  firebuzzt vintage bb tinderboxes   firefuzzy vintage tinderboxes by beaver bushcraft

Wanderessex. Another great tag on Instagram, this time from Wanderessex of his outdoor equipment featuring his Beaver Bushcraft Pouch & Copper Hudson Bay Tinderbox.

wanseressex of bb hudson bay and pouch  wanderessex of his bb pouch and other stuff Another couple of photos from of his Beaver Bushcraft viking style Fire Steel that he's been using for his YouTube series on traditional Fire Lighting.

vilmark uk bb tinder pouch  vildmarl co uk of bb fire steel

Sebastein9887 on instagram tagged us in his collection of his fire Lighting kit including some great pieces from Beaver Bushcraft. Including his beautiful Brass Hudson Bay Tinderbox.

sabastian fire lighting equip from bb  sebastien9887 

 Thor's Hammer Traditional Flint & Steel Striker 

We do hope that 'ageminidragon' on instrgram doesnt mind up reposting his photos that we were tagged in and his lovely comments about our products:

"Got my awesome Thor’s Hammer steel pendant & Flint strikers with a handy little pouch from #beaverbushcraft – A great UK-based Bushcraft supplies store I found online. Would highly recommend anyone wanting to get into Bushcraft to check them out" .28/01/2020  

ageminidragon pic of a Beaver Bushcraft viking fire steel  BB pic by ageminidragon of our tinder starter pack 

The Bushcraft Show

We can spot on of our Hudson Bay Tinderboxes and Randy's hand forged fire steels a mile away! This great pic was taken by the guys who run the 'Bushcraft Show' & The Bushcraft & Survival Magazine.

 The bushcraft show hudson bay tinderbox by beaver bushcraft


This is such a great photo from Thom_Bushcraftportal_cz on Instagram. Thom is a Knife Maker and his blades are pretty awesome so to be tagged into one of his photos for us is such a prividge. This shows one of our Brass Hudson Bay Tinderboxes and check out the beautiful patina.

thom bushcraft portal cz of his beaver bushcraft brass hudson bay tinderbox

Jan 2020 on Instagram and another set of photos of our Tinder Teaser. The one of the left is by Wildnwelloutdoors on instgram and the one on the right is by Prepper_In_The_Woods: “As a striker for a ferro rod this guy throws some good sparks @ beaverbushcraft”. Always good to read our customer comments.  Prepper_In_The_Woods has also done a neat little video on his You Tube channel of the Tinder Teaser. He even found some extra uses for it that we hadn’t even thought of. 

wildnwelloutdoors pic of a bb tinder teaser tagged in instgram  prepper in the woods pic of his tinder teaser on instgram   prepper in the woods commnets about the BB tinder teaser

Some more great tags from our customers on Instagram this Dec 2019. Thank you so much guys.

We love seeing our Hudson Bay Tinderboxes in use. These pics were from Renzo Cimone Outdoors who runs a Bushcraft School in Italy. We met Renzo and his team at last year's Bushcraft Show and its so nice to see that he uses his Hudson Bay Tinderbox out in the wilds.

renzo cimone outdoor  renzos hudson bay by Beaver Bushcraft 

And another tag this week this time from Bushcraft Boy Jones of his outdoor kit featuring a Beaver Bushcraft Leather Tinderpouch.

bushcraft boy jones of his BB tinder box

These two photos are from Prepper_In_The-Woods showing his rather impressive Fire Lighting Kit and so great to see one or two items in there from Beaver Bushcraft. Our popular Tinder Teaser is begining to be featured quite a lot recently.

Prepper in the woods fire steel from beaver bushcraft  Prepper in the woods fire lighting edc with some items from from beaver bus 

This photo we were tagged was taken by humbertocostagn02 on Instagram of his Viking Style Fire Steel pendant featuring the Rune Symbol for Fire.

humberocostagn02 of his beaver bushcraft rune fire steel pendant on instagr 

This photo was taken by Yjean56 showing the contents of his Beaver Bushcraft Hudson Bay Tinderbox and one of our origanal Fire Buddies. So great seeing some of our older designs still in use.

Yjean56 of his beaver bushcraft hudson bay tinderbox and fire buddy 

Classic Tinderbox

Another lovely customer called Richard Kirk sent us a pic of his recent purchase of one of our very popular Classic Tinderboxes.

 from richard kirk of his beaver bushcraft tinderbox

Recently we recived a lovely set of photos from Chris @ Katana_Hiker on Instagram of his recent purchase of one of our Flint & Steel Classic Tinderboxes. he also did a great video of it n action as it was his first time using Amadou with Flint & Steel.

Katana Hikers beaver bushcraft tinder box   Katana Hikers flint and steel from beaver Bushcraft

Some great photos sent in from Wildnwelloutdoors from Instagram of him using one of our new Tinder Teasers Multi Fire Lighting Tool.

wildnweeloutdoors of beaver bushcrafts edc tool   wildnwelloutdoors beaver bushcraft

This great photo was sent to us by a lovely customer called Richard Oldham of his recent Beaver Bushcraft purchase, all 'made to order' from our bepsoke leather range for his outdoor kit. Love it !!!! This should last him quite a few years.

 from Richard Oldham of his beaver bushcraft bepsoke leather pieces

We were recently tagged into these great photos on Instagram by of his Beaver Bushcraft Viking Fire Steel & Tinder Kit. Great to see someone using old school fire lighting to light their outdoor frontier stove. 

vildmark fire steel by beaver bushcraft  vildmark and his beaver bushcraft fire lighting kit  Vimark with his beaver bushcraft fire lighing kit for his fire stove 

 Great pic from Wildnwelloutdoors of one of our old designs. This is one of our Fire Buddies, its a multi fire lighting tool. Perhaps its time we made some more?!/!? 

 wildnwelloutdoors edc tool by beaver bushcraft

Beautiful photo taken by Dave Jonesy Nutall of his beautiful Beaver Bushcraft Brass Hudson Bay Tinder Box. Thank you so much for the tag Dave. Love how the Tinderbox is taking on its own character.

 David Jonsey Nutall

Another great shot from of his edc pack including one of our Hessian Tinder Pouches for Flint & Steel, full of all the basic tinders you need to start a fire the traditional way. Thang you for the tag ! of beaver bushcraft tinder pouch 

The Salt Box

Came accross this great action shot on Instagtram that we had been tagged into by 'feast_over_fire' at The Salt Box. Photo shows him with a smoking Tinder Bundle created by using some of our Tinder products. Love the quote on his post  "Happiest when blowing smoke & making fires"....we know the feeling :D 14/10/2019

The salt Boox with beaver bushcraft tinder products 

A lovely autumn photo sent to us from Andy Turner from Birch Bushcraft of his Shark Designs Survival Knife, sadly we no longer make this knife as they were a limited edition. Maybe someday we will do something simalar. Lovely to see it again though :) 12/010/2019

Andy Turner Shark Knife for beaver bushcraft website 

 ‘These guys pull it out of the bag, loads of extras. Well done. Mark and Helen’. Lovely comment and photograph from Graham Crane.18/09/2019

Grahma crane with his beaver bushcraft Copper Hudson bay Tinderbox

We recently attended the Scout Reunion at Gilwell and saw this great post & photo from Mark Yates aka ‘Big Man In The Woods’ about our handmade leather Keyrings and Woggles :  “I love these Scout woggle and Key rings that @beaverbushcraft had at Gilwell Reunion. Their leatherwork is amazing! Did anyone else manage to get a leather woggle from Beaver Bushcraft??” 

big man in the woods photo of beaver bushcrafts woggles 

We came along this great little post on Instagram from Crosby-Darren about his traditional Fire Steel and ferro rod he purchased from us at Beaver Bushcraft. Always nice to hear nice things said about us.

Crosby-Darren & beaver bushcraft   feeb back about beaver bushcraft

What a great photo from Renzo @ Cimone Outdoor Bushcraft and Survival School - Celtic festival Modena and he even added a liitle post to it saying: "fire Skills dimostration with the Beaver Bushcraft Hudson bay box... Amazing Gear!"

 Renzo Dinozzi using the beaver Bushcraft Hudson bay

The Salt Box

What a great repost on Instagram from a company called The Salt Box UK who do alot of out door cooking courses and banquets using wild produce. Their phots shows one of our Viking Fire Steels with hessian Tinder Pouch and one of our Fire Pistons from the website. Hoping they had lots of fun using all these items! 

The salt Box Uk on instgram with beaver bushcraft products 

 We saw this great post on Instgram from 'madeinnature' about their Beaver Bushcraft Tiskele Fire Steel Pendant. Great little review. 

Mindinnature of their beaver bushcraft fire steel pendant   feed back from mindsinnature

Two very differently styled photographs from two of our closest bushcraft collegues, on the left is a photo from Renzo Dinozzi from Cimone Outdoor Bushcraft displaying his Beaver Bushcraft Copper Hudson Bay Tinderbox that he recenly purchased from us at the Bushcraft Show. On the right is a lovely black & white shot from Micheal McCallister from the North West Hypotherapy Clinic showing off his Beaver Bushcraft Viking Rune Fire SPeel pendant. Thank you for the share guys :)  

from Renzo Dinozzi of his beaver bushcraft hudson bat tinder boxes   of his rune pendant fire steel from beaver bushcraft

This photo was sent in from Jim Stilgoe of his Beaver Bushcraft Viking Rune Pendant and one of our Tinder Pouch Starter Kits. Thank you so much Jim :) 

Jim Stilgoe and his beaver bushcraft rune pendant and tinder pouch 

Bushcraft Boy Jones on Instagram, sent us these awesome photos. One of our exetemely popular Brass Trappers Tinderboxs with one of our leather Pioneering Pouches. The last photo shows an action shot of the sparks created by the Oval Fire Steel. Love this ! 

 BBJ and beaver bushcraft tinderbox  Bushcraft Boy Jones & beaver Bushcrat pioneering pouch  BBJ & Beaver Bushcraft fire steel

Justin Jewel tagged us in this post from facebook of his recent purchases from Beaver Bushcraft. One of our Classic 'C' Strikers & various Tinders.

Justin Jewel and beaver bushcraft 

We had some lovely tags last week (01/07/2019) via our instagram account. Some more of our lovely customers sharing their photos of their recent purchases. Thank you so much :) From top left to right: Rusty and the Woodsmon, The Saltbox UK & 

Bottom row left ro right: Wildnerness Adventure, Black Wof Survival and Bushcraft boy Jones. Thank you guys!!!!

 Rusty and the woodsman and beaver bushcraft The Saltbox and beaver bushcraft and beaver bushcraft
 wildernessadventure and beaver bushcraft  Black Wof Survival and beaver bushcraft  Bushcraft Boy Jones and beaver bushcraft

Thank you for the tag Darryl :) One of our lovely customers showing off his recent purchase, one of our extemely popular (Pocket Bellow) Storm Pipes and hand stitched natural leather sheath with a few Tinder packs to go with it :) 

Darryl Jones fire stome and tinder by beaver bushcraft 

Its not only photos of our products we get sent, this picture was taken by Paul and his son at the Ldye River 18th C Rendezvous Meet that we attended last week. Love seeing peoples photos of our Beaver and Sign Post when we go to these shows. I think the Beaver gets more photos taken of her than of us!

 paul and son with the beaver sign

We were recently contacted by James Ian David Lankester, who had previuosly purchased one of our traditional fire steels. James was so pleased with his Fire Steel that he asked us if we could put together a trditional Fire Lighting Instructors kit so that he can teach Flint & Steel Fire Lighting down at his Campsite in Cornwall, 'The Copper Pot Campsite' based in the beautiful Tamar Valley. We willingly obliged and it sparked an idea off for a new listing. Keep an eye out for our new Instructors Kit coming out soon :) 

James and his fire lighting kit from beaver bushcraft  James & beaver bushcraft
 The Copper Pot campsite and the beaver bushcraft instructors kit  James with his new stubby from beaver bushcraft

We were absolutely blown away when we were tagged in with these pictures from Ellis and his buddy John. They bought a couple of our Make Your Own leather Sheath kits and this is the standard they produced. I think we are going to have to employ them in the workshop as extra 'workshope eleves' !!!! 

E J W Beaver Bushcraft   with his beaver bushcraft leather kit
 Ellis with his beaver bushcraft make your own leather sheath kit  ellis and his buddy using a beaver bushcraft leather kit 

 We are loving this photo sent in by Paul Blackburn. It shows off his Beaver Bushcraft Trappers Tinderbox, one of our mini Viking Fire Steel neck pendants and one of our mini pocket strops. Love it!!!

Paul Blackburn photo 

These lovely photos were shared to our Beaver Bushcraft Facebook page from Elizabeth Anne Woodall. They show her recent purchase of 'Drogan',  one of our traditional Flint & Steel Dragon Stickers and one of our Starter Tinder Pouch Kits. Our Starter Tinder Pouch Kits are a great way of trying out samples of our Tinders that we have on offer without breaking the bank.

Wlizabeth Anne Woodhall  Elizabeth Anne Woodhall 

We were sent these lovely set of photos by James Ian David from  "The Copper Pot Camp Site" based in Cornwall, showing off his recent purchase of one of our Andrew Kirkham hand forged traditional fire steels with tinder kit. 

66500998_2078190429148815_2601580743385677824_n  beaver bushcraft char cloth with ember by Copper Pot Campsite 

A great set of photos from of one of our Starter Tinder Kit Pouches.  The photos show the fire lighting kit contents along with one of our hand forged R shaped traditional fire steels. They have also produced a great video of this product in use on their YouTube channel @

Vildmark pic for beaver bushcraft   beaver bushcraft starter kit photo by vildmark

Great pic taken by Bushcraft Boy Jones of one our outstanding best sellers, the Polaris Fire Steel pendants. We do hope to make some more of these soon.

Bushcraft Boy Jones 

This photo was taken by Clive Smith showing his Beaver Bushcraft Copper Hudson Bay Tinderbox, tinders and one of our handmade leather Pioneering Pouches made in natural russet. Over time this kit will take on a great patina and have its own charactor.

 Clive Smith

Another great shot of one of our fire Steel pendants. This photo was taken by Carrot Cake 20 (on Instgram) showing her Fire Steel Pendant on one of our Tinder Strarter kits. 


Great shot from Woodsmon of his Beaver Bushcraft Fire Steel Pendant and Tinder Starter kit. This kit has all the tinders in that you need to start making fires the old fashioned way. The Tinder Starter kit is one of our best selling items and it won't break the bank.


This brilliant photo from Renzo Dinozzi from the Cimone Outdoors Scoula Naz le di Sopravvivenza Bushcraft Shcool showing all his recnt Beaver Bushcraft purchases.


One of our most popular items is our copper Hudson Bay Tinderbox with Oval fire steel and matched with one of our hand stitched leather Pioneering Pouches. This great pic was taken by Martin Rolin from Silverback Bushcraft of his own Beaver Bushcraft kit.


A great photo from Andrew Thomas Price from Dryad Bushcraft  of his copper Hudson Bay Tinderbox, amadou tinder and one of our hand stitched leather Pioneering Pouches.

A great photo from Mark Yates at Big Man In The Woods of his Beaver Bushcraft Copper  Hudson Bay Tinderbox and one of our Fire Eating Dragon Fire Steels.


 We were sent these awesome photos from Alex Outdoors using our Fire Storm and Solar Pendant. Thanks for the share Alex :)  

Pic e alex outdoors  pic f alex outdoors   pic g alex outdoors

Some great photos from ferral yam Yam Bushcraft School teaching traditional fire lighting using our Flint & Steels, ferro rods and tinder. Awesome! 

yam yam flint and steel  yam yam bushcraft school
 yam yam bushcraft school using ray mears method  yam yam flint and steel

It’s great when we see pictures of our products in use. Here are some photos from Tony Handley who is a Tracker . Tony using one of our hand stitched leather magnifying pendants to identify small animal bites on cones.  

 Tony 1a Tony 2a   Tony 3a

A fellow Bushcraft enthusiast, Jenny, sent us some amazing photos of some of our items that she has been recently using whilst outdoors. Jenny can be found on Instgagrm as 'Jenny224' and she takes some amazing photos of her adventures in the wilderness.

Jenny 224 4  jenny 1  Jenny 224 2 

 Its so great when we see photos of our items & products in use. These photos were taken by a lovely customer of ours called Andy Turner  and he has let us share them with his kind consent. In his photos you will see him using one of the German Silver tinderboxes, one of our new Ferro rod Fire Lighting Kits with a hand dyed leather Tinder Pouch with a matching 5'300 yr old Bog Oak Ferro Rod handle & Tinder. He also has one of our mini leather pocket sized tinder pouches with an Oval Hudson Bay traditional Fire Steel. You can also see him using one of the mini tins to make his own Char Cloth. Our items are designed to be used and thats why we love seeing photos of our actual items in use. 

Andy using our hudson bay to make fire  Andy making char cloth  Andy testing out his ferro rod fire lighting kit  Andys ferro rod fire lighting kit  Anys small fire lighting kit  

Andys 1  andys 2  andys 3  andys 4  andys 5   

Thought we'd share some brilliant pics that Phil Hawkins from Bushlife Essentials UK Tree Surgery (Wiltshire area) sent to us. Hate to think how old these hand stitched leather Sheaths are that Mark made Phil way back and its good to see our Canvas Bags have also stood the test of time over the years. Phil is a professional Tree Surgeon and to quote him 'working consistently in arduous conditions where tough reliable kit is essential'.  The Sheath is for the  Laplander Saw and the Knife Sheath was made to Phil's own requirements due to his job as a tree surgeon. I think we may have to bring back the Canvas Bags to the website. 

phil 3  phil 4  

  These photos were sent in by Scott McAllister who's had quite a few items from us over the years.

scott 2 17360701_10210617333167593_336862767_n 17354792_10210617333207594_1468780708_n scott 1

This is his copper Hudson Bay Tinderbox and one of our hand stitched, hand dyed Pioneering Pouches. Scott had the Copper Hudson Bay Tin engraved with a personal message and has patina'd down to a lovely effect.The scriptt was rather a  lovely touch we thought. Scott also run's his own company and makes some rather lovely hand crafted items that he adds to make the kits his own. Scott's work can be found on Etsy @ ScottsNiceStuff

geoff from fenland bushcarftGeoff Preen from Fenland Bushcrafter is an instructor and needs his gear to work!! He has one of our Green Outdoor wax jackets that was slightly modified to meet his needs.  

He's also wearing one of our mini pocket pouches on his belt. His Gransfor Bruks axes also has one of our hand stitched Axe head covers.

Our items are designed to be used and made to last, so its so great to see professional people like Geoff using our products out in the field.

To quote Geoff he needs 'kit he can trust'! 

 Click here to see product  

This is one of our all time best sellers : The Bushcraft Field Sharpening Kit' here are just a few photos and a few customer comments we have had about this particular item. Sean from 'Black Wolf Survival & Bushcraft' has had his kit for quite a few years, to quote Sean, 'it’s the best sharpening system by far. Used & Abused and still going strong'. 

seans pic   seans pic 2  

Mr J Poole' 'Just wanted to say I purchased your sharpening kit at the Bushcraft Show and its one of the best investments I've ever made. It has even sharpened my 15 year old carving knife. I thoroughly enjoyed your demonstrations aswell'

From Mr A Hughes: 'It was time to sharpen an old dull blade. And this is the real reason to write you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I've never been able to get a real good edge on any knife, and some I've not even been able to get any edge to speak of. But, using your kit, and following the method described by you in the video, I was able to get a very sharp edge - cutting paper rather than tearing it - on a £1.00 knife. That's right a one pound knife is as sharp as any other knife I own now'.

A customer of ours called 'Sun Set' just sent us a pic of his knives he had just sharpened using the 1000 grit diamond stone and pocket strop  for what he called 'a quick touch up for my knives'!!!