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  1. From Paramount Studios, to doing stuff for a TV show, to making bottles & getting new stock in……

    leather-handmade leather bottles drying in the sun by Shark Designs Leather

    Sami Pots with antler and yew by Scott at beaver bushcraftplus accessoriesWell its been a most interesting month from making a new batch of our handmade leather drinking bottles, to teaching a leather course, dealing with Paramount Studios, sending stuff off for a new survival Show,  to getting in some really exciting stock and playing around with some new design ideas.....phew!!!!!

    Cutting tools hand forged by Kaos Blacksmiths for beaver BushcraftOur Sami pots will be coming back in stock soon and we hope to be getting in some very special Beaver Ferro rods . We also got some old favourites back in stock just in time for the Shows, our 'Fire Buddies' and our '5-In1Tool' made by DWB . What we like about the stock we sell,is that it is all hand produced by high quality craftsmen based in the UK. We do sometimes get items from the USA like our beloved Randy  from Bethel Forge. Taking of forges, we are also hoping to be getting in some very special Fire Steels…more to come on that ;) . Mark has been busily making leather sheath's for a limited range of Beaver knives and some beautiful hand forged knives by Kaos Blacksmiths. We hope to have these with us for The Bushcraft Show but will also be on the website as we realise not everyone will be able to make it to the Shows. This year we have decided to just do a few Shows and these will be announced either on our facebook page or on our website , so keep an eye out . We are also expanding our range of Strops by incorporating more designs and introducing some colours..... please note we know of no one else who's doing this so you will have seen it here first !!!! sharpening-strops-mini feild strops-colour range

    As a huge supporter of British Wildlife, it was so nice to see Devon Wildlife Trust support International Beavers' Day on the 07/03/2016. Now we know some people are against Beaver's in the country but we are a great advocator of Beavers and like to think of them as nature's woodsman. Now with that, I am logging off and wish everyone a great weekend :) Love from BB  


    There is something about the feel of fur under your feet on a cold morning…it's almost sensuous!!!!!

    Furs-Reindeer Hides in the home by Beaver Bushcraft

    The Sami people where well known for using all aspects of the Reindeers from their meat, to their fur to make clothes, pouches, furnishings to even utilising their Antlers to make their traditional Sami pots and other decorative items. The Reindeer was and still is an important part of their culture. The reindeers hides we sell are part of their culture and are from an ethical source, otherwise we would simply not sell them as this is part of our ethos too.

    We use ours for our Tipee whilst at shows or away camping. To get up in the cold mornings and feel the soft reindeer under your bare feet is a comfortable joy to behold!!!!