Leather Colour Chart

Leather Colour Chart




Colour Variations

The Colour Charts shown below are as accurate and true to life as we can create them.

Please be aware that all Computer Monitors, Tablets and Mobile Phones interperate the colours shown on this page differently.

Please note that if no colour is selected, our default colour will always be Russet or Natural.

All our leather products are hand dyed so some variations will occur depending on the thickness and type of the leather used. 

Colour Chart

0) Shark Leather Colours June 2016




Russet or Natural:

Russet, also known as Natural or Blond, is the natural colour of leather as it leaves the tannery and before any dyes are applied. It is vegetable tanned leather in its most natural state of colour.

Whilst natural Russet coloured leather is, initially, a very slight Beige colour (see Leather Colour Chart above), it will, over time, gradually patina into a deep luxurious and beautiful natural Saddle Tan colour.

We, personally, select every one of the natural Russet leather hides we use, choosing only the very best hides in each consignment. Once we have handcrafted the leather into one of our finished articles, we simply feed the leather with our own specially formulated ‘Nourishing Leather Balm’ oil. This specially formulated balm gives the leather a natural silk lustre when gently buffed with a soft cloth.

Saddle Tan:

Saddle Tan is a deep rich golden sand colour that is reminiscent of lighter coloured, traditional leather goods.

When we are about to dye an item of leather ‘Saddle Tan’, we take great care to select only the most uniform and natural ‘Russet’ coloured leather we can find to do the job. The leather is carefully dyed then air dried for a couple of days, before it is oil and wax treated then buffed to a silk finish show that shows off the luxurious opulence and deep lustre of the leather. Finished in this way it gives the leather a naturally warm and rich patina often associated with classic leather goods.

Hazelnut Brown:

Hazelnut Brown is a deeper more velvety shade of Saddle Tan; offering the same rich golden colour, but being several shades darker. Reminiscent of antique leather our Hazelnut Brown has the opulence that is associated with high quality leather goods that has become darker through exposure to many decades of use.

When dying an item of leather in professional quality ‘Hazelnut Brown’ oil dye, great care is taken to select only the very best pieces of natural ‘Russet’ coloured leather. Once the leather has been carefully dyed it is air dried for a couple of days, then it is carefully waxed and oiled using our own special blend of natural leather Buffing Balm. Left to absorb the balm for a couple of hours the leather is then carefully buffed to a deep silk finish that shows off the natural lustre of the leather.

Chestnut Brown:

Chestnut Brown is our classic shade of Mid Brown. Think of a rich bar of milk chocolate. Chestnut Brown has a slight hint of warmth to the tone.

When the leather item has been carefully completed, it is then treated with some of our ‘Nourishing Leather Balm’ – a specially formulated blend of natural oils and waxes designed to feed and nourish the leather. After a couple of hours to allow natural the oils and waxes to be deeply absorbed by the leather it is then buffed to a beautiful silk finish with a fine bristle brush to bring out the leathers velvet Chestnut Brown lustre.


Mahogany is a luxuriously, warm, deep rich red-brown colour that adds a touch of regality to any of our top quality leather items that are hand dyed this colour. When we are about to dye an item of leather in ‘Mahogany’, we take the greatest care to select only the very best pieces of natural ‘Russet’ leather we can find. The leather is then carefully dyed, left to air dry for a couple of days then made into the specific item that is required to be made. Once made, the leather item is then oil and wax treated, before it is buffed to a silk finish with a soft bristle brush that shows off the luxurious opulence and deep lustre of the leather. Finished in this way it gives the leather a naturally warm and rich patina often associated with classic leather goods.

Walnut Brown:

Walnut Brown is several shades darker then our classic Chestnut Brown. Think of milk chocolate with dark chocolate added to it,

Once a leather item has been made from one of these specially selected hides, it is treated to our own special Natural Leather Balm, which is a blend of natural waxes and oils that feed the leather and allow it to be buffed with a soft bristle brush to a finish that draws out the natural beauty and richness of the leather.

Charcoal Black:

There is a true sense of luxury and class that is associated with leather that has been dyed Black and then buffed with a good quality leather polish. A ‘true’ Black dye should have the subtle appearance of being very slightly blue in the depths of its dark hue, otherwise it could be considered to be just a very dark brown instead.

All of our leather items that are required to be finished in black, are made from natural ‘Russet’ leather that has been professionally hand dyed, by us, using only the very best quality leather oil dye that is available on the market. Our hand dyed items are then left to air dry for a couple of days before they are treated with our specially formulated Nourishing Leather Balm that feeds and nourishes the leather, which, when buffed with a soft bristle brush, draws out the natural beauty of the leather with a lustrous silky sheen.


Please Note:

‘Russet’ coloured leather is the natural, undyed, colour of leather after tanning when using only natural tanning ingredients that are high in tannins, such as tree bark and other plant materials, there will, therefore, always be slight variations in colour, shade and grain between hides from different consignments.

Since leather is a natural product, with natural variations in the overall density of the leather within each hide - as it originates from different areas of the animal such as the Shoulder, the Belly or the Butts - there will always be slight variations in how our professional quality leather dye is absorbed by each area of the same leather hide. Whilst we use every ounce of our professional skill to create an even and consistent dye effect, there will always be slight variations in the colour and shade within each item, as well as between single item made from the same hide and hides from different consignments.

We will endeavour to make all leather items that are Made-2-Order and Purchased at the same time, from the same leather hide wherever possible.

How To Look After Your Hand Made Leather Items

leather-belt 306 saddle tan with matching belt loop

You will need to polish/feed the Leather occasionally, (rather like looking after an expensive pair of leather shoes). For this we recommend using a clear, neutral Boot Polish which contains Beeswax or a Leather Balm that is suitable for your particular leather item. Once you have 'fed' your leather item, you will then need to use a soft cloth or a soft bristle brush to buff up the Leather and get all the residue Polish of before using/wearing.

If you wish to use a coloured Shoe Polish or any other coloured 'agent' this may darken the leather more, which may or may not be desired.

For the very best results, however, we would recommend the use of our 'Nourishing Leather Balm' which feeds the leather and is absorbed deeply into its fibres, thus extending the leathers ultimate life and allowing a deep silky finish to be created when the item is buffed with a soft cloth or soft bristle brush.

Please test all products on an unseen part of the leather before using.