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"Our aim is to capture that old pioneering spirit with our beautiful hand crafted bespoke leather items & old school Tinderboxes, natural Tinders & large range of traditional Flint & Steel fire strikers. Hand crafted in the UK. Items for the great outdoors, forest schools, bushcraft, historical reenactment, TV & Film Props".

Beaver Bushcraft

  • Leather soft aged dragon skin made by beaver bushcraft
  • Beaver Bushcraft Hudson Bay with Pouch Nov 2015
  • Main fire steel pick viking style thors hammer strikers by beaver bushcraft
  • Leather 801 hand crafted leather belt by beaver bushcraft
  • Leather hand made bespoke belts by beaver bushcraft
  • leather pioneering pouch for beaver bushcraft generic photo hudson bay vers
  • Leather make your own kits generic pic for beaver bushcraft website
  • Leather cuff in hand dyed mahogany of a celtic dragon by beaver bushcraft
  • Fire mini steel tinderbox made by beaver bushcraft 2021
  • Leather suede possibles pouch in rich russet made by beaver bushcraft
  • BB and the mini fire steels
  • leather make your own pocket tinder poch by beaver bushcraft.JPG
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    • Mark working at the show
    • A Beaver Bushcraft Doing her thing 2016
    • Annie at the show
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    • Website beaver bushcraft trading post at the show craft show 2022
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    Come & join Beaver Bushcraft @ this year's  'Bushcraft Show' at Standford Hall, Lutterworth. on the 29th - 31st July 2022. The Bushcraft Show is an exceptional world of adventure & discovery. Learn & practice outdoor skills in a variety of disciplines. Family & Dog friendly event. Fires allowed. 3 days full of bushcraft and survival skills, activities, demonstrations and talks. 

    Want to win 2 x Adult Weeknd Passes to this year's Bushcraft Show? One very lucky individual could win two passes that are worth £234. Pop over to our Facebook Page to learn more & be in with a chance to win this prize for the best Bushcraft Show held in the UK.

    • Vintage hudson bay old school stuff by beaver bushcraft
    • Vintage old school lid of hudson bay tinderbox by beaver bushcraft
    • Vintage old timers tinderbox by beaver bushcraft
    • Leather and fire tinder pouch hand crafted by beaverbushcraft
    • Leather vintage style old pouch with fire kit by beaver bushcraft
    • Fire simple tin plate tinderbox by beaver bushcraft
    • Fire and leather mini fire lighting kit made and designed by beaver bushcra
    • Fire and leather pouch made from vintage leather by S D for beaver bushcraf

    Just added some new limited edition Tinderboxes. We love creating something different and unique & we have even managed to procure one of the origanal Hudson Bay Tinderboxes. Find them in our Vintage/Limited Edition section on the website.

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    Hand crafted 801 bespoke leather belt

    BESPOKE - Hand Stitched '801' Leather Bushcraft Belt 

    Pack of Flint Shards

    Mini Pocket Sized Flint & Steel Tinderboxes 


    Leather Gransfor Bruks Axe Over Striker Guard

    Hand Crafted - Leather Axe Over Strike Protector / Axe Collar Guard 

    Flint Works - From Shards to Leather Leg Gaurds.