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  • 864 1765 63 mm the  polaris striker by beaver bushcraft
  • 864 1765 63 mm polaris flint & steel striker worn  by beaver bushcraft.JPG
  • 864 1765 63mm the polaris flint and steel striker by BB
  • 864 1765 63mm POLARIS striker
  • 864 1765 63mm  north star striker exclusive to beaver bushcraft.JPG

'Not all those who wonder are lost'.......especially if you are wearing this amazing traditional styled fire steel pendant. This fire steel pendant has been cleverly designed to as a navigation aid to help you find the North Star and also as a traditional 'flint & steel' fire striker. Made to scale, it can be worn around the neck or kept safe in a tinder pouch.  


Bespoke Leather Belts

Gifts to ignite the flames of passion this Christmas at Beaver Bushcraft. 

Gifts for him….Gifts for her….Gifts for the great outdoors….Gifts to be treasured ….Gifts to be used .....and Gifts are that little bit different. All made with love & passion at Beaver Bushcraft.  🎁

  • Beaver Bushcraft November banner for the website 2
  • Leather cuffs by BB main website pic
  • Christmas edition flint and steel kit Viking kitl
  • ETSY BANNER for Beaver Moon Leather 1
  • BB mini tinderbox with mini steel strikers by beaver bushcraft 2021
  • Limited edition mini belt pouch with flint and steel
  • Leather box hand crafted from vintage leather and then hand mottled effect
  • Limited edition heart full of love tinderbox and pouch
  • Fire steels mini versions of beaver bushcraft's main collection
  • Fire thinderbox leather beaver creek fire lighting kit by beaver bushcraft
  • Limited edition tinderbox with leather pocket pouch

"All our leather belts are handmade with love & passion. We like the leather to speak for itself by allowing the natural texture of the hide to show through, this is what allows our leather belts to have soul. Each leather belt is hand dyed & hand finished so each piece will have its own unique look". 

Here come the Vikings

Inspired by Vikings....

Handcrafted by Beavers....

"We like the idea of our handcrafted leather work being passed down to the younger generation just like the old pioneering spirit of an era gone by where goods were designed to be used and built to last".

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Flint & Steel animal fire strikers
Animal & Mythical Flint & Steel Fire Strikers
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Hand Knapped English Flint Shards
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Bespoke Leather Bushcraft Belt '801' Made to Order
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Handcrafted Leather Beaver Creek Tinderbox
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Amadou Tinder for Traditional Fire Lighting
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Flint Knapping Leg Guard
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Beginners Flint & Steel Fire Lighting Kit
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Super Steel Sharpening Kit