Beaver Bushcraft & Leather

  • FIRE STEEL VIKING HUMP striker traditional style by beaver bushcraft
  • Fire steels B striker with triskele by beaver bushcraft
  • Fire copper hudson Bay tinderbox with full kit by beaver bushcraft
  • Fire 3 in 1 tool 2021 by beaver bushcraft
  • Fire steels mini fire styles to go with the new tinderbox with beaver bushc
  • FIRE STEELS mini viking rune pendants by beaver bushcraft
  • Fire steel 2021 fire snake by beaver bushcraft
  • FITE STEEL the serpant flint and steel striker by beaver bushcarft
  • BB and the mini fire steels
  • Fire leather GOT tinder pouch with beaver bushcraftdragon  fire steel
  • fire steel 2021 fire breathing dragon with runes by beaver bushcraft
  • Fire shongdong the dragon a traditional flint & steel striker by beaver bus
  • Fire copper hudson bay tinderbox 2021 version by beaver bushcraft
  • fire hudson bay tinderbox fire steel and tinder for beaver bushcraft
  • Fire brass hudson bay tinderbox full of tinders by beaver bushcraft 2021
  • Fire brass hudson bay tinderbox with hessian pouch by beaver bushcraft
  • Fire and leather edged fire steels hand crafted by beaver bushcraft

    LEATHER - Bespoke

    LEATHER - Ready Made



    Featured Products

    Classic 'C' Mini Striker - Traditional 'Flint & Steel' Fire Striker (85-1302-01)

    Beaver Bushcraft 'Mini' Pocket Sized Traditional 'Flint & Steel' Tinderbox with Mini Fire Steel (85-3040)

    Mini 'Viking' Rune Flint & Steel Fire Striker Pendants

    Best Sellers

    BESPOKE - Leather Axe Over Strike Protector / Axe Collar Guard (45-9020)

    BESPOKE - Hand Stitched '801' Leather Bushcraft Belt - (45-3801)

    Traditional Brass Hudson Bay Tindebox

    Traditional BRASS Hudson Bay Tinder Box & Full Fire Lighting Kit + Jute Pouch (85-2010-BR)

    To read more about what our customers have to say about us & be part of our journey at Beaver Bushcraft. 

    "More goodies arrived from the wonderfully talented folk at @beaverbushcraft today. Mini snuff tin with a ridiculously beautiful mini dragon flint and steel striker !! Added to the jute and amadou tinder, sulphur spills and wax candle you have hours of fire lighting heaven right there! Thanks again Mark and Helen for your fantastic products!" Crosby Darren 

    "Hi Mark, I just wanted to say that I was thrilled with my bushcraft belt and possibles pouch. Exceptional quality naturally made and looks great. The fire steel was also a pleasant surprise; much lighter and compact than other I have and so much easier to carry around. You have a first rate business - well done! I liked what I ordered so much I've just ordered another. All the best and kind regards". Pete Kelly 05/02/2021

    "I love what you are doing, the personal nature of your products and business are a rarity these days so it is a pleasure to spend time on your website and order your amazing products. Every item you sell has been thoroughly thought out and the work and care put into them is evident in the craftmanship. Every aspect of my experience with you from the first phonecall right down to the packaging has been first class and a real pleasure ". Gareth Hartly.  25/09/20