Beaver Bushcraft & Leather "Recreating the Pioneering Spirit "

Beaver Bushcraft & Leather.....

"Our aim is to capture that old pioneering spirit with their beautiful hand crafted bespoke leather items & old school Tinderboxes, natural Tinders & large range of traditional Flint & Steel fire strikers. Hand crafted in the UK. Items for the great outdoors, forest schools, bushcraft, historical reenactment, TV & Film Props".

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Choose a little gift from us to you when you spend over £50 or more in our online store.  You can choose from the range of BB goodies that we have lined up for you. Its just our way of saying "Thank You" for being such a great customer!

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  • Leather soft aged dragon skin made by beaver bushcraft
  • Beaver Bushcraft Hudson Bay with Pouch Nov 2015
  • Main fire steel pick viking style thors hammer strikers by beaver bushcraft
  • Leather 801 hand crafted leather belt by beaver bushcraft
  • Leather hand made bespoke belts by beaver bushcraft
  • leather pioneering pouch for beaver bushcraft generic photo hudson bay vers
  • Leather make your own kits generic pic for beaver bushcraft website
  • Leather cuff in hand dyed mahogany of a celtic dragon by beaver bushcraft
  • Fire mini steel tinderbox made by beaver bushcraft 2021
  • Leather suede possibles pouch in rich russet made by beaver bushcraft
  • BB and the mini fire steels
  • leather make your own pocket tinder poch by beaver bushcraft.JPG
    • Leather tribal heart cuffs handmade by beaver bushcraft
    • Leather red mini pouch with mini kit be beaver bushcraft
    • Leather cuff in hand dyed mahogany of a celtic dragon by beaver bushcraft
    • Thors hammer designed and made by beaver bushcraft a traditional flint and steel striker.JPG
    • BB and the mini fire steels.png
    • Fire steel 2021 fire snake by beaver bushcraft.JPG
    • Fire & leather sheath for clipper lighter made by beaver bushcraft
    • LEATHER  hand crafted  tankard for beaver bushcraft
    • Vintage kit for tiny mini pocket tinder box with heart motif leather pouch

    Ignite their passion with some of our exclusive designs this Valentine’s Day. All beautifully hand crafted and made by us in our Kent Workshop. Ideal for Gifts, collectables or something thats a little bit more unique for the Bushcrafter in your life ♥

    After several week of hard graft, they are back. Our popular hand made Leather Bottles are finally available on the website. Want to know more about our hand crafted leather bottles and how we make them, click here to read our latest Blog.

    • Leather hand crafted drinking canteens made exclusively by beaver bushcraft.jpg
    • Leather bottle medium viking style imperfect by beaver bushcraft
    • Handmade leather bottle tudor style in hazel brown
    • leather tankard by beaver bushcraft
    • Leather handmade leather bottles hand crafted by beaver bushcraft
    • LEATHER hand crafted dragon egg leather bottle flask in hazel made by beave
    • Vintage old style tobacco tinder pouch hand crafted by beaver bushcraft
    • Vintage leather old style tobacco pouch by beaver bushcraft
    • Leather and fire tinderbox hand crafted by beaver bushcraft with flint & st
    • Fire & leather hand crafted beaver creek tinder box made by beaver bushcraf
    • Fire and leather hand crafted tinder box with lens with contents by beaver
    • Vintage fore steel striker held by beaver bushcraft limited edition item
    • Vintage kit for tiny mini pocket tinder box with heart motif leather pouch
    • Vintage tin with heart motif by beaver bushcraft
    • Vintage old school flint and steel tinder pouch set by beaver bushcraft
    • Vintage set with oval tin plate tinder box with pouch by beaver bushcraft.JPG

    Finally our limited edition tinderboxes and tinder pouches are making their way onto the website and there's still more to come🔥