Beaver Bushcraft & Leather "Recreating the Pioneering Spirit "

Beaver Bushcraft & Leather aims to capture that old pioneering spirit with their beautiful hand crafted bespoke leather items & old school Tinderboxes, natural Tinders & large range of traditional Flint & Steel fire strikers. Hand crafted in the UK.

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Beaver Bushcraft & Leather goods
  • Leather soft aged dragon skin made by beaver bushcraft
  • Beaver Bushcraft Hudson Bay with Pouch Nov 2015
  • Main fire steel pick viking style thors hammer strikers by beaver bushcraft
  • Leather 801 hand crafted leather belt by beaver bushcraft
  • Leather hand made bespoke belts by beaver bushcraft
  • leather pioneering pouch for beaver bushcraft generic photo hudson bay vers
  • Leather make your own kits generic pic for beaver bushcraft website
  • Leather cuff in hand dyed mahogany of a celtic dragon by beaver bushcraft
  • Fire mini steel tinderbox made by beaver bushcraft 2021
  • Leather suede possibles pouch in rich russet made by beaver bushcraft
  • BB and the mini fire steels
  • leather make your own pocket tinder poch by beaver bushcraft.JPG
    • Fire pocket tinder box with sliding lid with contents by beaver bushcraft 8
    • Fire pocket sized tinderbox with amadou 85 3705
    • Fire pocket tinderbox open with contents by beaver bushcraft 58 3705
    • Fire pocket sized tinderbox fire steel by beaver bushcraft 85 3705.JPG

      Our new pocket size tinderbox

      Our new pocket sized traditional Tinderbox comes complete with Fire lighting kit and a beautiful classic styled fire steel. Its not only pocket sized but pocket friendly price too! 

      Summer Steels just landed

      View our new range of Flint & Steel pendant strikers that have just landed in our store. Inspired by traditional Viking designs but given a modern twist. Perfect EDCs for this Summer. 

      • Main fire steel pick viking style thors hammer strikers by beaver bushcraft
      • Fire steel thors hammer pendant striker held 85 1989 by beaver bushcraft
      • Fire steel dibber by beaver bushcraft 85 1985 01
      • Fire steel stumpy tail pendant striker by beaver bushcraft 85 1995 50
      • Fire steel dibber held by beaver bushcraft 85 1300
      • beaver posing with pendants
      • Beaver's give aways for over £100
      • Leather key ring made by beaver bushcraft
      • Leather belt loop for BB give away
      • Leather belt loop twist and pull for give away
      • Fire flints mini shards mini pack for flint & steel by beaver bushcraft
      • Leather acccessories thread on one of our nice leather tabs with two needle

      A Gift from us to you.................

      A little gift from us to you when you spend over £50 or more in our store.  You can choose from the range of BB goodies that we have lined up for you.  Its just our way of saying "Thank You" for being such a great customer !

      Shop our Best Sellers

      Hand crafted 801 bespoke leather belt

      BESPOKE - Hand Stitched '801' Leather Bushcraft Belt 

      'Mini' Pocket Sized Traditional 'Flint & Steel' Tinderbox with Mini Fire Steel 

      Leather Gransfor Bruks Axe Over Striker Guard

      Hand Crafted - Leather Axe Over Strike Protector / Axe Collar Guard 

      Field Sharpening Kit

      Bushcraft & Survival Diamond Sharpening Kit - 180/1000 grit 


      Hi there,

      My latest order arrived yesterday and I just want to say how lovely it was to find a couple of extra surprises. An additional fleur de lys key fob plus some magnificent flint and small sachet of tinder. Thank you for that kind and generous gesture.

      I first came across you at the Gilwell reunion in 2019 when I purchased a few bits and pieces to share my pyromania tendencies with my Beaver and Cub scouts. I will be introducing them to flint and steel in the next couple of weeks.  I make my own char cloth in abundance - the children absolutely love “ catching a spark” with fire steels.

      Thank you again for your excellent customer care.

      Janice Baldock 08/06/2021