Beaver Bushcraft & Leather

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"Our aim is to capture that old pioneering spirit with our beautiful hand crafted bespoke leather items & old school Tinderboxes, natural Tinders & large range of traditional Flint & Steel fire strikers. Hand crafted in the UK. Items for the great outdoors, forest schools, bushcraft, historical reenactment, TV & Film Props".

Beaver Bushcraft

  • Leather soft aged dragon skin made by beaver bushcraft
  • Beaver Bushcraft Hudson Bay with Pouch Nov 2015
  • Main fire steel pick viking style thors hammer strikers by beaver bushcraft
  • Leather 801 hand crafted leather belt by beaver bushcraft
  • Leather hand made bespoke belts by beaver bushcraft
  • leather pioneering pouch for beaver bushcraft generic photo hudson bay vers
  • Leather make your own kits generic pic for beaver bushcraft website
  • Leather cuff in hand dyed mahogany of a celtic dragon by beaver bushcraft
  • Fire mini steel tinderbox made by beaver bushcraft 2021
  • Leather suede possibles pouch in rich russet made by beaver bushcraft
  • BB and the mini fire steels
  • leather make your own pocket tinder poch by beaver bushcraft.JPG

    Having the shape, form and structure of the original Mora sheath that’s comes with the Mora Clipper itself, we have manged to morph both plastic and leather together to form an extremely sturdy leather knife sheath that not only looks good but will last longer than the knife itself.

    • Leather morphic mora knife sheat hand stitched by beaver bushcraft
    • Leather morphic mora knife sheath hand crossed stitched by  beaver bushcraf
    • Leather sheath morhic mora bushcraft knife by beaver bushcraft
    • Jewerlly mini beavers by beaver bushcraft
    • Jewelry wooden feathers by beaver bushcraft
    • Jewerlly woodent pendants with dragon and a celtic twist made by beaver bus

    These very simple eco-friendly wooden pendants have a slightly pyrography look to them. Each pendant has a beaded detail added and each one is slightly different to each other. These pendants started out as a bit of fun at the Bushcraft Show 2022 and we didn’t realise just how popular they would be.

    Our new Strop range has finally been updated now that we have come home from our highly successful appearance at the Bushcraft Show. Our new range of Strops have all been made from an extremely high quality leather & beech wood bases & to go with them we also have a new range of super fine diamond honing gels.  What better way to have a good strop!

    • Sharpening new honing gels by beaver bushcraft
    • Sharpening kit with built in strop hand crafted by beaver bushcraft
    • Strops coloured range is back at beaver bushcraft.JPG
    • Sharpening kit super steel with diamonds
    • Sharpening leather bushcraft knife kit by beaver bushcraft

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    Hand crafted 801 bespoke leather belt

    'Beaver Creek' Hand Crafted Leather Tinderbox with Built-in Solar Lens

    Pack of Flint Shards

    Mini Pocket Sized Flint & Steel Tinderboxes 


    Leather Gransfor Bruks Axe Over Striker Guard

    Hand Crafted - Leather Axe Over Strike Protector / Axe Collar Guard 

    Black Strop 8 x 3"

    Tinder Pouch Starter Kit for Traditional 'Flint & Steel' Fire Steels