Bespoke Items Waiting Time

Waiting List/Time & Guideline for our Bespoke Leather Work 

Leather hand made bespoke belts by beaver bushcraft

We currently have a waiting list of at least 3 - 4 weeks for all our Bespoke Leather items, which starts from the time we receive your Order to the time that we despatch your Bespoke item. Although our website states ‘bespoke items’ are in stock, they still have to be hand crafted to a high standard & made to each customer's requirements. 

PLEASE NOTE: - This does not apply to our ‘Ready-made’ range of leather goods since these items are pre-made. If you are waiting for a Bespoke Leather item from us we will always keep you updated regularly. As soon as your Bespoke Order has been made, we will notify you by email and then give you the full tracking details when it has been dispatched.

What we offer and what you can expected from us.

leather-Mark sewing bushcraft pouchFirstly, we would like to say that each of our bespoke leather items is hand-crafted by us, which takes lots of time to do properly. In fact it takes a whole lot more time to hand make our goods than it does for any 'Off the peg' mass produced item. So, with this in mind, we like to think that making all of our bespoke as well as our readymade leather items, is rather like making a tailored-made suit. Each process that is involved in the making of an item has its own unique time frame; from hand selecting the right leather, to cutting it, to the skiving, bevelling and slicking of the edges, to the meticulous and traditional stitching techniques we use, to the hand dyeing process, to applying the leather balms, oils and waxes, then finally to the all-important hand buffed finish we caringly give each piece we make.

It is because we care about each and every well practiced step as well as our close attention to detail, that sets our goods above so many others in this competitive market. And because we are passionate about what we do and what our customer think, that we make all of our beautiful handcrafted, artisan goods to such a high standard. A standard that has become synonymous with what you have come to expect from us ... and we have come to expect from ourselves.

How do we know that what we make is the best the market has to offer? Well it is really quite simple, many of our valued customers have written and told us so. Please click here to see what some of our customers have said about us and our work. 

What you are buying and how our leather bespoke goods are made?

Bespoke leather work at beaver bushcraft

We put a lot of time, passion and skill into our bespoke leather work, hence the high demand for it, and the inevitable and unfortunate waiting list that must be injured. We absolutely positively never rush any of our bespoke orders, for the simple reason that it might, just might compromise and or affect the overall quality of the items we are making. Now, cutting corners, to speed up production, might be good enough for some of our competitors, but for our work shop elf and the rest of the team any form of compromise would only lead to frustration and be completely unacceptable. More importantly than this, however, we feel that any compromises would only lead to customer disappointment and this would damage, or even destroy, our hard earned reputation. 

It is the close attention to detail we give to our goods that is paramount, it is in the pain and effort we take to make sure that every single stitch that is made is made to the same 'Traditional' standards that were commonly used by our forebears. It is why each and every piece of hardware, brass buckle, copper rivet and button that we use is made from the very best materials, and to the very highest standards, that can be sourced.

Do we offer an expedited service?

Leather bespoke belts and add ons at beaver bushcraftThe simple answer to this question is ‘Yes!’ Click here to find out more about our expedited service. 

If for some unforeseen reason, such as another Pandemic (Covid-20!) or some other calamity like a Bank Holiday, your order is going to take a little longer than the waiting list suggest, we will immediately notify you by email the reason for the delay. We will automatically upgrade your postage, where appropriate, and we add a little extra something by way of a tangible apology from us to you for your patience and understanding.

To Conclude

All our Bespoke leather items are made in our Kent Workshop. If you have any enquiries about our work please 'Contact Us'. We will be more than happy to assist you in any possible way.