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Be part of our journey at Beaver Bushcraft....this Page is dedicated to our Customers & fellow Bushcrafters who have bought our products and have made them their own. We hope this Page inspires other people to take photographs of our items in action and share them with us.

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Photo by Tom @ Cimbrer Bushcraft

We recently had some lovely photos sent into us from Tom @ Cimbrer Bushcraft over in Denmark of him using some of our old school style products. Tom has a huge YouTube following and all his videos are very evocative, he loves old school bushcraft with a nod towards the Viking era. Watching Tom's videos is very soothing, they really are therapy for the soul.

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Photos by Tom from Cimbrer Bushcraft

Photo by Peter J Wood
Photo by Peter J Wood

"Love it, thanks Beaver Bushcraft & Leather perfect for making easy sparks and will hopefully check out the star map tonight! not obvious to everyone what this is, the steel and the flint create sparks for fire lighting, a literal flint and steel. The pendant is also a star map for finding polaris the north star. It's perforated so you can match up to the night sky!" Peter J Wood 


Photo by Peter J Wood
Photo by Peter J Wood
Photo by oldbruce on Instagram
Photo by #oldbruce on Instagram

These lovely tagged photos are from someone we met at the Bushcraft Show a few month's back who had come all the way from the Far East  Such a lovely man  & so nice of him to buy our fire steels to take back with him as gifts for all of his friends. Apparently he was very passionate about Flint & Steel 💥 Thank you so much for the tag #oldbruce on Instagram. 


Photo by #oldbruce on instagram
Photo by #oldbruce on Instagram
Photo by Chris P harris
Photo by Chris P Harris

These lovely photos are by Chris P Harris on Instagram. He recently bought one of our beautiful hand-crafted leather Beaver Creek Tinderboxes 🔥 He added some of his own kit to make it even more special.

Thank you so much for the tag :) 


Photo by Chris P Harris
Photo by Chris P Harris

Photo by Micheal Knowles
Photo by Micheal Knowles

These lovely photos are by Micheal Knowles on Facebook. He recently bought several of our Dragon Fire steel Strikers and if you ask us, they look right at home in their new surroundings. Happy Fire Lighting Micheal 🔥



Photo by Micheal Knowles
Photo by Micheal Knowles

Photo by crosby_darren on Instagram
Photo by crosby_darren on Instagram

crosby_darren on Instagram

We are obsessed with this photo we were tagged in by crosby_darren on Instagram and also the great comments he added too:

"Fire pit time again! It seems like the right time for some fire pit action. Fire lit tonight with jute tinder, birch bark and fire steel. Thanks once again for the amazing fire lighting equipment from @beaverbushcraft. Hope to be using it in its natural outdoors environment more often this year! And what's a fire pit without the "king of beers" to accompany it! Yammas!! "


andyinthewoods66 on Instagram

Another great photo & comment from our friend 'andyinthewoods66' on instagram:

"I decided to use my very first @beaverbushcraft  leather #flintandsteel kit today. I used char cloth & jute twine, it put a massive smile on my face . Thanks @beaverbushcraft Helen and Mark you are awesome! "


Photo by andyinthewood66 on Instagram
Photo by andyinthewoods66 on Instagram
Photo by alex_wildaboutcornwall on Instagram
Photo by alex_wildaboutcornwall on Instagram

alex_wildaboutcornall on Instagram

A lovely tag from Alex down in Cornwall about his Beaver Bushcraft kit

"Getting the #campfire going with help from my @beaverbushcraft fire lighting kit!"


Photo by Into_the_Wold on Instagram
Photo by Into_The_Wold

Into_The_Wold on Instagram

A great testimonial from #Into­_ The_Wold on Instagram about his recent Beaver Bushcraft purchase.

"A nice little addition to my Bushcraft kit, a lovely fire steel and tinders for fire lighting. If you are wanting some quality kit take a look at Beaver Bushcraft their website is full of info too." 

Woodsmon on Instagram

#woodsmon mentioned us in one of his recent posts on Instagram.  "Fire by flint and steel (@beaverbushcraft). Been a long time since l've created fore this way so thought best to blow off the cobwebs. My tinder was amadou (@beaverbushcraft) and the bundle i used was the inner bark of a dead poplar that i dried in my pocket. After the recent storms plentsly of deadwood to be had. Made a couple of hazel stakes to create a tripod to sit my @bcb_intemational crusader mug on, over the fire as I've seen my mate Tim do before. #bushcraft #firelightingskills 

Photo by Woodsmon of his beaver bushcraft fire striker

ivargasbushcrafts on Instagram

We always love seeing photos of our old school style tinderboxes on Instagram, especially our Hudson Bay Tinderboxes. They seem to take on a character of their own as they build up a patina. Customers make them their own by adding in differnt Fire Steels and tinders etc, so each Hudson Bay Tinderbox will be unique .

Dave Jonesy Nutall
dave_jonesy_nutall on Instagram

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HI Mark,

"I received my strikers on Friday. Thank you so much for the extras. I have made countless embers with the breathing dragon striker. It sparks well and is very easy to create an ember with. I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything. I wish you more success with everything you have currently going on for you. I will definitely be back when need arises ".

Parmveer Dhillon, 18/10/2021

Chris Jordon 

We were tagged into some great photos by a really good customer of ours called Chris Jordan (Facebook). He bought some of our mini traditional “flint & steel” strikers and added them to his own homemade tinderboxes. We totally love these and how he’s made them look very individual and to reflect his own taste, full of character and charm!  


  • Chris Jordon mini BB fire steel for his home made mini tinderbox
  • Chris Jordon's mini Fire steel in home made tinderbox
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  • Chris Jordon mini fire steel to go with his mini horn old school tinder box
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Wild N' Well Outdoors

"This one goes to the incredible Beaverbushcraft, who not only create amazing bushcraft equipment, but are very caring to their customers. I met Helen at the Bushcraft show in 2019 and there I was able to get my hands on the Tinder Teaser, which has been in my kit ever since. Thanks for the awesome works" Luke @ Wild n Well Outdoors