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Be part of our journey at Beaver Bushcraft....this Page is dedicated to our Customers & fellow Bushcrafters who have bought our products and have made them their own.

We hope this Page inspires other people to take photographs of our items in action and share them with us.

To feature on this page you can Contact Us or Facebook @ Helen Hordon or Instagram: Beaver Bushcraft  (Tag or D M). 


Andy Turner

A great set of photos from an old friend of ours, Andy Turner, of his favourite Beaver Bushcraft products: "Hi both, a few pictures attached of some of my favourite Beaver Bushcraft kit, I really like the mini tinderbox, firesteel Helen,Mark, the leather pouch is really well made, as always its like I have always had it in the woods! Keep up the awesome work now ok🔥👍🙏" Andy,  22/05/2021

Showing the

Chris Jordon took these stunning photos of his Beaver Bushcraft Viking Horse fire steel striker. He added his own Tinder & Flint, plus this beautiful wooden box to make this unique old school fire lighting kit. By adding your own elements you can create something totally unique.

  • Chris Jordan 1
  • chrisjordon 4 of his beaver bushcraft fire steel
  • chris jordon 3 of his beaver bushcraft fire steel
  • Chris Jordon 2 BB fire steel
John Fox
John Fox

"Finally got out to play today. Lit my first ever  fire with flint & steel. Char took on the first strike and lit the fire first time. I’m hooked! Striker works really well with the ferro rod too. Thank you once again". John Fox  06/02/2021 


Buck Shot Bill

We got tagged into these photos from Buck Shot Bill on Facebook, who made himself a few leather pieces from our range of Make Your Own Leather Kits. Have to say we were pretty impressed by the standard of his work!!! 

Showing the

Always an honour when a professional company such as 'The Salt Box' use our products. Over the years they have bought one or two of our fire lighting items and recently they have added one of our Combo Fire Strikers to their own range of branded products.

  • Salt box UK with bb fire steel.png
  • the slat box uk
  • The salt Box Uk on instgram with beaver bushcraft products
  • The Saltbox and beaver bushcraft