⭐⭐⭐Customer Feedback & Testimonials ⭐⭐⭐

Hand Crafted Leather Tinderbox  Pendant - Jacquie 16/05/2022 🔥

"Hello Beaver Bushcraft Elves, I just received my lovely wee tinder box pendant today - it’s just lovely! and will go down a treat with my chum who’s moving to Sweden for when he’s out in the wilds exploring there. Thank you also for the extra flints and tinder - so generous of you! 😊 As always your wonderful bushcraft products are a delight and so beautifully made. Warmest regards, Jacquie". 


Hand Crafted Leather leg Guard - Marten P. Hall 06/05/2022🧵

"Hi Mark, Thanks for that.  They’ve arrived today and I’m massively impressed with the quality.And thanks for the extra pad.  Appreciated. Yours aye, Marten " 


Viking 'Dragon' Boat Flint & Steel Striker - Pempslider 01/05/2022 🔥

"A beautiful item, arrived super early, packaged to perfection and the additional items

were extremely generous. I shall be buying from you guys again ❤️ Thank you "😊 Pempslider


'Snake & Crane' Traditional Flint & Steel Striker Fire - Leo  30/04/2022 🔥

"Really pleased with this Striker, flint and tinder. Excellent value for money. The design is an art form. Would recommend it to all those that like bush craft". 


Thomas Kislig  30/04/2022  😊

"Hello, Beaver Bushcraft, thank you very much, everything is perfect, Best Regards"


Bespoke Hand Crafted Leather Belt & Pouch - David Jacques   29/04/2022 🧵

"Dear beaver bush craft, just to let you know I am very pleased with my order and service provided, kind regards , David Jacques" 


Traditional Flint & Steel Fire Striker  - Thomas Menezes 31/03/22 🔥  

"Once again delighted with the quality of items and superb dispatch time, thank you for the extra flint, it will come in handy! All the best, Thomas " 


Bushcraft & Survival Diamond Sharpening Kit - Stephen Limb 30/03/22 🔪🔪🔪

"Hello,  My order arrived today, very prompt. I am very pleased with my sharpening package and extra file. For those of you sitting on the fence, buy it, you will not be disappointed"


Traditional Flint & Steel Strikers - Philip John Ringrow 29/03/22 🔥

"Thanks for the Strikers amadou and flint they are superb as usual, look after yourselves and be lucky."   


Hand Crafted Leather Pouch & Tinder Box - Andrea Burgoyne 14/03/2022 🔥

"Hi Mark and Helen, My box of goodies came today, and I can't tell you how much I appreciate all the lovely extras you added!  It was more fun than Christmas morning!  The heart-shaped tinderbox, and that gorgeous leather pouch are just beautiful--I will treasure them.  😊) I already threw a few sparks with that beautiful little Shongdong striker, right in my kitchen, just because I couldn't wait.  As tiny as it is, it is still mighty!   So thank you for a totally delightful transaction. I'm so glad to have found you. I'll be back! All the best, Andrea" 


Bespoke Hudson Bay Pouch - Eaglebear Walks - USA 06/02/2022 🔥

"Hello Mark, Thank you so much for creating such a handsome Hudson Bay Tinderbox Pouch for Me...It arrived today!!! Smiling ear to ear as I unwrapped it, I discovered a very thoughtful extra gift tucked inside with my pouch and the (striking flint.).. pun intended haha. 

The matching belt loop and pouch are now on my belt. Thank you sooo MUCH  for your Talent ... for your kindness and generosity shared. I will wear this with great honour."


Viking 'Dragon' Boat Flint & Steel Striker - Mr Brown from Leeds. 05/03/22  🔥

"What a beautiful item ! Also very practical and a work of art . Thank you very much!"


English Flint Shards & Traditional Fire Steel - Jassmi Ofzzinv 24/02/2022 🔥

"Absolutely thrilled! Couldn’t recommend this shop more, the overall experience was great! The steel striker is well made and there were even some freebies for me to try out with a lovely note. Opening this package made my day A***“ Can’t wait to use these pieces of flint in different projects and to gift to friends! Fast shipping and a great experience A***”!! " 


Bespoke Leather Leg Gaurd - Connor Quinn 20/02/2022 🔥

"Just wanted to say thank you so much! Amazing work in how the leg guard is made. Communication is excellent and the free gift is greatly appreciated. Will be returning to you in the future when I need another! "


Dragon's Head Flint & Steel Striker for Traditional Fire Lighting - Selkhetegypt 10/02/22 🔥

“Beautiful item, great quality and value. Very fast delivery. Received some extra goodies that was not expected but much appreciated. Would defiantly buy from them again.”   


Mini Pocket Fire Lighting Kits - Ollie 03/02/2022 🔥

"Hi guys, Just wanted to say thank you for the package. I just received my order today I am well chuffed with it. Thank you for adding some extra flint and jute nest, that was an unexpected bonus much appreciated. I cannot wait to go out this weekend and give it all a bash. I will definitely be ordering again from you guys. Prompt service, nicely packaged and generous. Keep up the good work." 


Traditional Flint & Steel Striker - John Ruston  03/02/22  🔥

Testimonial. "Hi Mark and team.  You might (?) have noticed that this order for your 10 cm   extra long  firesteel is a repeat order.   You sent me one just before our very wet and windy  Xmas Season.   What a performer! I find it will produce  a strong stream of sparks from any  flint beach cobble (cracked open)  and with a pinch of your Amadou down  get a  nice ember even on a miserable windy  day.   Definitely as good or better than matches which have been scrunched in the pocket of a damp plastic beaters  jacket. I need this extra one to hang on my  fireplace  mantel for lighting up on the cold days still to come. Yours sincerely". John  


Hand Crafted Bespoke Leather Work - Sam. 31/01/22 🔥

"Hi mark, picked the order up from the post office today, Very very happy with the items I received, outstanding quality!  Thank you so much for the extras as well, excited to try the tinder out". Kind regards,  Sam


 Cliff 28/01/31  "I've received my order. Thanks very much I'm extremely happy with it and will be ordering some more of your products in the future. Keep up the good work". 🔥


Hand Crafted Bespoke Leather Belts - Tagen Kuran, 27/01/22 🔥

"Hi Mark,  just wanted to mention how happy I am with my purchase. The belt is great! Much thanks and kind regards", Tagen 


Traditional Fire Lighting - Jacquie Steel  21/01/2022 🔥 

"Hello Beaver Bushcraft Elves,  My package of fire starting goodies arrived today and I’m just delighted with everything!The exquisiteness and quality of the mini tree of life leather pendant is just adorable and the beauty and quality of the dragon fore steel is exceptional.  

For the extra fire lighting bits and pieces you added, I’m very grateful. As a youth worker myself, this will all come in handy when I meet up with  our local lovely, bushcraft youth worker up here in the Scottish highlands, 'Wildcat Bushcraft' and share these wee treats with him so that young people can explore the fun of this firelighting technique in the Spring and Summer. Most likely, I’ll be in touch for more fire Strikers. :) Warmest regards & thank you again! "


Hand Crafted  Bespoke Leather Belt - Gavin. Scott 16/01/2022 🔥

"Hi just to say I got the belt and axe protector yesterday and am very pleased with both thanks. And thanks for the extra D ring, much appreciated". 


Bespoke Hand Crafted Leather Belt #801 - Kathy Dooley 03/01/22 🔥

"Dear Mark , I had to write and say how much my husband loved his belt that you made for him. It made his Christmas. He had, had  a belt of your’s for over 5 year and it needed replacing having been worn nearly every day. He was not disappointed. Excellent quality. From a very happy customer. "


We don't always get it right, but when we do, its so nice to hear back from our customers! 🔥

  • “Brilliant service, great product and many thanks for the amadou sample, really appreciated!” Regards Martin Beagley 08/01/2022 
  • Hi Mark “Thanks for your response, my delivery has arrived, thanks for your great customer service”.  Kind regards Duncan Baines 07/01/22. 


Traditional Curly Viking Flint & Steel Striker  -  Turby Widget 03/01/22  🔥

“Happy New Year BB. Excellent striker, really appreciate the additional flint and tinder”  


Dragon's Head Flint & Steel Striker  - Charlie 02/01/2022 🔥

”Absolutely brilliant and thank you for the flint and tinder”.  


Bob Estep 28/12/2021 🔥

"Hi Beaver Bushcraft, Got my order, that was fast! Thank you for the nice piece of English flint, pleased with everything I ordered. Thanks again and hope you all have a Happy and prosperous New Year!" 


 Some More December Feedback 2021: 🔥

  • "Always quality kit from Beaver Bushcraft, many thanks. have a fantastic new year."  Phil R
  • "Excellent seller AAA+++ fast postage excellent condition item and even included a free sample of similar product to try will definitely use this seller again" Rangers1960.
  • "Very good and excellent service". Regards David 
  • "Nice striker, lots of sparks. They also threw in some free flint and amadou". Gaxy  


Bespoke Leather Case & Fire Strom - Victoria Hughes  21/12/2021 🔥

Thank you so much for my delivery of beautiful hand crafted fire storm. The boy is going to love it!!!  Many thanks. 


Traditional Viking Dragon Ship Flint & Steel  Fire Striker - Mathew Sumner 18/10/2021 🔥  

"Fast to arrive and excellent quality. Very happy with this. The attention to detail on the striker is amazing". 


'15th c.' Shaped Flint & Steel Fire Striker - Cgct22 18/10/2021  🔥

"Fantastic quality (and works a treat) - very highly recommended - will be back " ! 


Phil Simmons 15/10/2021 🔥

Hi Guys, I’ve recently realised that I’ve quite a collection of items from your catalogue – several of them limited edition pieces. I always appreciate the attention to detail and workmanship that goes into them (and the little extras that you put in makes me smile). 

I received the Mini Round Tinderbox with hand crafted leather case a couple of days ago and thought I’d let you know that I think it’s simply delightful; well made, of course, and absolutely tiny yet perfectly usable. You seem to continuously improve your standard, well done! How you can make these items for the price bewilders me. 


Bespoke Hand Stitched Leather Belt  - Steve Taylor 01/09/2021 🔥

Hey guys. Just wanted to thank you for my lovely 911 belt and the extra matching items  you sent me, I received it 15 minutes ago. Awesome quality and definitely the best quality

belt I've ever owned....and from a neighbour in Kent....NOT the USA as usual! Definitely a superior product and opening the box, the house now smells like a tack shop....that lovely

strong smell of leather. Thank you again. . Much love to you both! 


Alan 16/09/2021 🔥

Hi Mark, Just wanted to say a big thank you to you and the team. I received my order yesterday and am delighted with it. I am particularly pleased with the extra free samples of tinder and a good piece of flint! Where can I best post up some positive feedback? Many thanks again.  


Mini Snuff Tin Tinderbox - Steve Harding 16/09/2021 🔥

Message: I just wanted to say thank you for the glorious mini-snuff tin tinderbox, delivered today. Also, many thanks for the little extras. I make no apology for the glee with which I opened up the box. It’s odd, but I was drawn to your post code. I know - weird: however, not so because I used to call Snodland home. It really can be a small World! I look forward to keeping up with your business and, I suspect, making the odd purchase or three. Keep well and every good wish for the future. 


Classic ‘C’ Striker - Joe Trader 15/09/2021 🔥

2 days from order to receiving. Surprised to find a shard of lovely black flint and some brown fluffy stuff called amadou.A few strikes between flint and steel produced quite a lot of sparks. So I went outdoors and tried with amadou, got an ember within a minute or so. Beginners luck? Tried again later, it took about 10 seconds. I am a total beginner. Not tried producing fire yet. If you can't get this to work buy yourself a box of matches.  


  • Traditional Viking Horse Flint & Steel Striker "Absolutely amazing service! Absolutely perfect product and packaging!" Jane Edwards 06/09/2021 
  • Natural Amadou Tinder for Fire Lighting Premium Quality "Excellent Amadou, the best quality available. Highly recommended seller." Turby Widget 06/09/2021 
  • Natural Amadou Tinder DOWN 10g Bag Fire Lighting Bushcraft "Excellent customer service, fast shipping and as described. 5*" Daisynotail 05/09/2021 


Bespoke Leather Work  - Manuel Rocker 02/09/2021 🔥

Hey Mark, your parcel has just reached me. The Pouch and other things are so beautiful. I'm very happy. Also have thanks for your little present.
Would definitely not be my last order at you. I Plan to build a classic bushcraft belt. Most parts on there will be by beaver bushcraft. Good to know " beaver bushcraft " exist.
Best regard and thanks...


Flint & Steel Strikers - Moses.  29/08/2021 🔥

Received my order yesterday and my steel is everything I expected.  The flint is even better than my 1st order.  Thanks.  


Bespoke Handcrafted Leather Belt Pouch - Robert Brookes, 12/07/2021  🔥

Hello Mark and Beaverbushcraft,  I just want to say thank you for the superb pouch and the generous free gifts enclosed with my order.  I am very pleased with the pouch and I am sure it will prove as useful and as durable as previous pouches you have made for me.  With best wishes,  


3-in-1 Fire Dog Striker - Tim  20 Jun 2021 🔥

Good afternoon, last week I ordered a 3-in-1 Fire Dog, through eBay I believe. You couldn't have known that it was for my sons birthday but he was absolutely delighted to open it and discover that you had added some amadou and flint too. He is building a 'survival kit' as part of a Scouting task. I just wanted to say thank you, so much, for such thoughtfulness and generosity. Thank you. 


  • 365survival : "Love you guys"
  • Wood N' Notts : " I'm ready with all my Beaverbushcraft gear for tomorrow bright and early. Love your gear, its pure craftmanship."
  • basurvival1 : "I got it from beaverbushcraft, check out their website they have a range of different fire steels and other cool bushcraft stuff."
  • wildnwelloutdoors : "@buckeyegirlbushcraft thanks mate! The striker is from the excellent Beaverbushcraft."


Hudson Bay Tinder Box & Leather Pionnering Pouch - Daryn Godfrey 27/05/2021 (wood_n_notts on Instagram 🔥

Hi all, All I can say is wow 🤩 first my belt and now this! I am so happy with the items you have so carefully created, you and your team are truly gifted.  The extra pieces of individual various tinder is very much appreciated, thank you so much for your beautiful work, all worth every penny.  I’ve liked your Instagram account and mentioned your work on my page also, I hope this helps a little. I keep looking at your website and thinking what can I order next? The wife will be asking questions very soon I’m sure. Once again thank you. Kindest Regards. )  


Traditional Flint & Steel Strikers & Tinder - Connor & Sahdia 24/05/2021 🔥

Hello Helen & Mark,  My wife and I recently received our order for some flints and fire steels from your website. In the order, you gave us a free flint along with a free bag of amadou tinder. I wanted to say thank you for your kindness and generosity.  God willing, may our family have fire for a lifetime. And may God reward you for your kindness. God bless,


Mini Pocket Sized Tinderbox with Mini Fire Steel  - Linda Gehrke 10/05/2021 🔥

Hi, It arrived today and I have to say I love it all! I currently have a "C" shaped striker and it is so hard to hold.  I have searched for a long time until I came across your website.  The dragon striker is tiny but so easy to hold and use.  There is enough surface for my fingers without whacking my knuckles on the flint.  I really like the leather covered striker too. It is such an innovative idea and works really well.  The chaga is cool!  I never thought it would smell like leather. LOL Thank you for such nice products.  I will be sure to spread the word around over here in the states for you. Sincerely,  


801 Bespoke Leather Belt 🔥

Hi, Just wanted to thank you for my awesome belt which arrived carefully and wonderfully packed. Lovely belt, very pleased and haven’t stopped wearing it since the day it arrived 👍🏻😊Just thought you would appreciate me letting you know. Thanks again. Kind Regards. Daryn Godfrey 10/05/2021


Traditional Flint & Steel Strikers - Marco  06/05/2021 🔥

Dear Beaver Bushcraft team, I have been ordering with you for a couple of months now and I am very pleased with the products and the processing of the orders. It is great fun to play with your products and to teach others how to use them; I have been able to get my 6 year old daughter to start a fire with one of your kits. ;-)  I wondered whether I could leave a positive review somewhere. Thank you very much for your great service. I am looking forward to doing business with you soon. Best wishes,  


 Received with thanks fantastic all round experience great products , above expectations 😃🇬🇧  Gary Davies  05/05/21 🔥


Hello Mark, Thank you so much for the very quick delivery of my Mini 'Flint and Steel' Tinder Boxset with extra flints and tinder. You were recommended by Robin Sheenan of eQeOutdoors on my first week of Wilderness Therapy training with him and Bridget last week.  

With Beltane falling this weekend it will be the perfect timing to get practising with my traditional fire lighting skills. Thanks again and I will definitely recommend your beautiful products to others and no doubt will be treating myself to some more of your treasures in the future. Best Wishes, Ruth DixonForest School Practitioner🍃


Hello good people at Beaver Bushcraft. I received my order this afternoon Mugwort & Amadou & noted the “wee bit extra” in each bag. “Thank You” so kindly as always. I’m speechless & a service second to none. Stay safe & germfree. Kind Regards, David,  27/04/2021 🔥


Traditional Flint & Steel  🔥

Thank you very much for a correct and timely order.  I am extremely happy with your products.  Steel is beautiful and really sparks.  The flint is better than I thought it would be…the quality and sizing of the rocks is really nice. Thank You,  Moses.  19 /04/21


  Some Feedback from April 2021  🔥

  • “Perfect, great striker. Easy to hold and use, great size. Thank you!” Traditional Viking Horse Flint & Steel Striker. Kai Burden 
  • “Absolutely stunning item and very thoughtful seller as they were kind enough to add flints” Traditional Viking Horse Flint & Steel Striker. Annie O
  • “Fantastic product! First time using and took a spark easily with flint and steel. Very impressed with this and it is now a part of my fire kit and in an EDC bag. Absolutely Love it!"  Natural Amadou Tinder for Fire Lighting. Rav 
  • "Fantastic, A One". Combo Fire Striker For Ferro Rods Flint & Steel Fire Lighting.  Paul Marto
  • "Excellent well recommended" Combo Fire Striker For Ferro Rods Flint & Steel Fire Lighting EliTex   


Traditional Flint & Steel  🔥

Hi, I received the package the other day, just wanted to say thanks.  Half a dozen strikes on the steel and I had an ember, fantastic!  Just shows you when you have the right tools, what can be a struggle becomes effortless. Many thanks, Damian 15/03/21 


Mini Pocket Sized Tinderbox with Mini Flint & Steel Striker.  🔥

"More goodies arrived from the wonderfully talented folk at @beaverbushcraft today. Mini snuff tin with a ridiculously beautiful mini dragon flint and steel striker !! Added to the jute and amadou tinder, sulphur spills and wax candle you have hours of fire lighting heaven right there! Thanks again Mark and Helen for your fantastic products!" Crosby_Darren on Instgram March 2021 


 Fire Lighting 🔥

Brilliant delivery from @beaverbushcraft today with some proper flint and brilliant steels. My absolute favourite has to be the blowpipe though and even though today's fire didn't need it - you can see the effect and the temperature it got to. ( I used it during the lighting process as well but forgot to video it ). Super happy and thank you for the note inside as well excellent service and great kit. Carl.Tinkler on Instagram. March 2021 


Dragon Traditional Flint & Steel Striker  🔥

Hi Mark and Helen,  thank you so much for my delivery. I have to say the pics of the Shongdong steel does not do it justice. Its amazing and fits perfect in my hand for striking, it looking great too. thank you as always for your amazing service. I hope you are both well and keeping safe. take care, Steve B, Edinburgh, Scotland, p.s. Happy Easter to you both. 02/03/2021


Tinder Box Starter Kit for Flint & Steel  🔥

Good afternoon, Parcel arrived safely this morning . Thank you very much for all your help regarding this order and your thoughtfulness  in   " doctoring " the contents of the starter kit to make it suitable for the age of my grandson.  Can't  wait to see  his face when he opens this particular gift.   I really do appreciate  all your help - thank you again. Kate 29/03/2021


Hi, I received my order a couple of weeks ago and just wanted to say I'm really happy with it and I really appreciate the extra items you threw in!  I'll certainly be ordering from you again in the future and will make sure to recommend you. Kind regards, Sean  Curran 29/03/2021 🔥


 Some Feedback from March 2021 🔥

  • "Love the steel striker and thanks for the extras brilliant service".  Traditional Viking Horse Flint & Steel Striker. Carla Johnson 
  • "love it. thanx".  Traditional Viking Dragon Ship Flint & Steel Striker.  Libby Skye 
  • "A Great Item. Very Pleased. Thank You".   Traditional Simple 'Viking' Style Flint & Steel Striker.  Elhamite
  • "Quality product - included a sample of amadou down to try - thanks 😊" Natural Amadou Tinder for Fire Lighting Premium Quality.   Romcmichae