Measuring Your Belt Size

Your bespoke belt will be made to your desired length, so it is very important that you give us the correct waist measurement when you place your order with us.

Belt Length
Belt Length

As a quick guide, your belt will be measured from the Leather Bend, where the leather bends around the buckle, to the middle hole as shown in the drawing.

PLEASE NOTE - There are always an odd number of holes on the belt length (i.e. 3, 5, 7, 9 or 11 etc.).

Measuring from an existing Belt:

Taking your Waist measurement from an existing belt will give you the most accurate results. To do this take the measurement from the Leather Bend, where the leather bends around the buckle, as shown in the above drawing, to the hole on your existing belt that you usually use. If your existing belt is made from very thin, pliable or springy leather you might want to add 1/2 an inch (12mm) to this measurement to allow for any stretching that usually takes place when the belt is worn. This measurement is the size you will want to select on your order from the dropdown menu.

Please remember - You cannot make a belt longer, if it is too short for you. However, you can always add more holes, if the belt is slightly too long. It is much better, therefore, to order a belt that is slightly too long rather than one that is too short.

If you have any doubts about the waist size that you require please add 2 Inches (50mm) to the waist size that you give us, it is important to add room for movement. If you require any assistance about waist size, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

Overall Belt Length:

The Waist size that you supply us with on your order will not be the Overall Belt Length of your belt. The Overall Belt Length will depend on several variables, and these are: -

  1. We usually have 5-holes in our Casual Wear range of belts and 11-holes in our Bushcraft and Workwear range of belts, however, should you require more, or less holes, then please let us know in the Comments Box at the end Checkout. The middle hole is where we measure your waist size to. So, if you have a total of 7-holes in your belt then you will have 3-holes, then the waist hole, then 3-holes. If, on the other hand you have a total of 11-holes in your belt then you will have 7-holes, then the waist hole, then 7-holes.
  2. The measured spacing between each of the holes that you require is usually 30mm throughout our belt range, however, you are more than welcome to specify the distance you would prefer between holes, just let us know in the Comments Box at the end Checkout.
  3. The dimensions of the Buckle. Since Buckle designs are so divers and the sizes vary enormously, it would be impractical if not impossible to address all the variants to here. Suffice to say that as a rule of thumb it is generally regarded that the belt length is measured from the Leather Bend where the leather bends around the buckle and upon itself and not from the front of the Buckle.
  4. We have a standard 4-inches from the Point of the belt to the first hole, however, you are free to specify any changes that you may require here as well, just let us know in the Comments Box at the end Checkout.

Casual Wear Belt Lengths :

  • Waist Length + 8-inches
  • With 7-holes
  • At 30mm between holes

Bushcraft and Workwear Belt Lengths

  • Waist Length + 10-inches
  • With 11-holes
  • At 30mm between holes

Additional Advice :

If you would like any additional advice about the correct fitting of your belt or you would like to purchase one of our belts as a present and are not sure if it will fit or not, please don’t hesitate to contact us either by phone (+44 (0)1634 241 049 or Contact Us. We will be happy to email or talk to you about any concerns you may have.

Oversized or Undersized Belts:

We are happy to make bespoke belts to any length that you may require. So, if the belt length that you require falls outside of the sizes shown on our web site then please do not hesitate to phone (+44 (0)1634 241 049) or Contact Us so that we can talk about exact requirements.