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Be part of our journey at Beaver Bushcraft....this Page is dedicated to our Customers & fellow Bushcrafters who have bought our products and have made them their own.

We hope this Page inspires other people to take photographs of our items in action and share them with us.

To feature on this page you can Contact Us or Facebook @ Helen Hordon or Instagram: Beaver Bushcraft  (Tag or D M). 

ab_firecraft on Instagram

" Found some time to reacquaint myself with my @beaverbushcraft mini fire steel pendant. It really is a versatile little bit of kit"! 

plush93xo on Instagram

"I got this fire steel from @Beaverbushcraft. I got this & a larger one from my lovely other half. The larger one has gone into my fire kit & I bought some leather to make this into a necklace. I never take it off. Gorgeous little fire steel with plenty of room to hold onto, making it pretty & practical.


"It's always  fun getting things from Beaver Bushcraft.I can't praise them enough! Wonderful people making wonderful things!" 

Maria Pearson

Maria Pearson's Beaver Bushcraft Kit

“Just received my goodie parcel this morning, things of beauty and functionality!
Am going to have to go out and light a fire” 

Seen on the Tinderbox Appreciation Society on Facebook

ivargasbushcrafts on Instagram

We always love seeing photos of our old school style tinderboxes on Instagram, especially our Hudson Bay Tinderboxes. They seem to take on a character of their own as they build up a patina. Customers make them their own by adding in differnt Fire Steels and tinders etc, so each Hudson Bay Tinderbox will be unique .

Dave Jonesy Nutall
dave_jonesy_nutall on Instagram

Joe Miller USA 

We were tagged into some great photos by a really good customer of ours called Joe Miller  (Instagram). Love his quote" Got these beauties today from across the pond" 

Always nice to hear that our items are even used overseas !

Dec 2021

Joe Miller
Joe Miller on Insagram
Joe Miller
Joe Miller on Instagram

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  • Customer pic 1

HI Mark,

"I received my strikers on Friday. Thank you so much for the extras. I have made countless embers with the breathing dragon striker. It sparks well and is very easy to create an ember with. I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything. I wish you more success with everything you have currently going on for you. I will definitely be back when need arises ".

Parmveer Dhillon, 18/10/2021

Chris Jordon 

We were tagged into some great photos by a really good customer of ours called Chris Jordan (Facebook). He bought some of our mini traditional “flint & steel” strikers and added them to his own homemade tinderboxes. We totally love these and how he’s made them look very individual and to reflect his own taste, full of character and charm!  


  • Chris Jordon mini BB fire steel for his home made mini tinderbox
  • Chris Jordon's mini Fire steel in home made tinderbox
  • Chris Jordon mini BB fire steel for his home made mini tinderbox.jpg
  • 224756043_10161533728993986_7941980701059275567_n
  • Chris Jordon mini fire steel to go with his mini horn old school tinder box
  • Chris Jordon's homemade tinderbox showing his BB mini fire steel.jpg


basurvival1 on Instagram 10/07/21

"Lighting a fire by producing sparks is possibly one of the oldest known methods of being able to create fire at will. And before the invention of matches, it was the main method of lighting fire for thousands of years. The materials may have evolved with modern steels and char cloth we use today but the technique would be familiar. This Beaver Bushcraft steel doubles up as a pendant, I like the idea of 'survival' jewellery. Things that can be very useful if you needed them but also fashionable items you can wear "  

wood n notts

Wood_n_Notts 10/07/21

"Thanks Beaver Bushcraft for all my bespoke handmade leather goods. True craftmanship and real "recreating the pioneering spirit" 
love your stuff " !!

wood_n_notts aka 'The Grainy Man' on Instagram 

wood n notts


"Fantastic customer service and speedy delivery yet again from the amazing Helen and Mark from Beaverbushcraft. The brass Hudsonbay tinderbox and some extras".

-Rikabushcraft on Instagram 

Another happy Beaver Bushcraft customer 


"It has been a dream for years to buy a steel
Helen from Beaverbushcraft, she makes
wonderful things, and when i saw this steel I
was in love. I already tried it out and you
know, we work perfectly together. Sparks
at first strike. Thank you Helen for your
service, your kindness and your fast delivery."

#becomingoutdoorwoman on Instagram  

Mark Yates aka 'big_man-in_the_woods' has to be one of our best customers. he's a Podcastor, YouTuber & Scout Leader and leading light in 'Bush Scouts'.

Tagged on Instagram, one of our most favourite fire steels of all time: 'The Fire Breathing Dragon'


Andy Turner

Andy Turner

A great set of photos from an old friend of ours, Andy Turner, of his favourite Beaver Bushcraft products: "Hi both, a few pictures attached of some of my favourite Beaver Bushcraft kit, I really like the mini tinderbox, firesteel Helen,Mark, the leather pouch is really well made, as always its like I have always had it in the woods! Keep up the awesome work now ok🔥👍🙏" Andy,  22/05/2021

Andy Turner
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Chris Jordon took these stunning photos of his Beaver Bushcraft Viking Horse fire steel striker. He added his own Tinder & Flint, plus this beautiful wooden box to make this unique old school fire lighting kit. By adding your own elements you can create something totally unique.

  • Chris Jordan 1
  • chrisjordon 4 of his beaver bushcraft fire steel
  • chris jordon 3 of his beaver bushcraft fire steel
  • Chris Jordon 2 BB fire steel
John Fox
John Fox

"Finally got out to play today. Lit my first ever  fire with flint & steel. Char took on the first strike and lit the fire first time. I’m hooked! Striker works really well with the ferro rod too. Thank you once again". John Fox  06/02/2021 

Buck Shot Bill

Buck Shot Bill

We got tagged into these photos from Buck Shot Bill on Facebook, who made himself a few leather pieces from our range of Make Your Own Leather Kits. Have to say we were pretty impressed by the standard of his work!!! 

Buck Shot Bill
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Tagged on Instagram, our very origanal design called 'Selob',  sadly only a few left in stock now.

“Throwing sparks with the most intricate fire steel I’ve ever seen, nice one!”

the_outdoorsy_dad  06/06/2021 

Always an honour when a professional company such as 'The Salt Box' use our products. Over the years they have bought one or two of our fire lighting items and recently they have added one of our Combo Fire Strikers to their own range of branded products.

  • Salt box UK with bb fire steel.png
  • the slat box uk
  • The salt Box Uk on instgram with beaver bushcraft products
  • The Saltbox and beaver bushcraft