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  1. Been wet and miserable here today.

    Action-wet moulding a woodland pouchThe workshops are freezing! Mark has been doing some wet moulding today and the heating is on full pelt. This is why it can sometimes takes a few days to complete a customer's order when its for one of our hand made leather items. In the summer when it's lovely and warm we can sit the leather outside to sunbathe but on days like this they have to sit by a gentle heat indoors and wait to completely dry before we can move onto the next process. We had a lovely customer phone up to order a Pouch for their partner's birthday, so Mark is under a little bit of pressure to get it finished on time…..meanwhile while he waits, he decides to punch holes in a Tin Can!!!!!  Actually he's really working on a pet project…now all we need is a nice warm sunny day…..Action-Mark and his gasifier....

  2. Welcome to Beaver's Blog !!!

    10306248_884131008367623_6022175857888626802_n Firstly lets wish everyone a really a Happy New Year from us all at Beaver Bushcraft and now  that Christmas and New Year is out of the way we can get back to normal. What's normal at Beaver Bushcraft??? Well it hasn't really stopped for us, normally things die down in the workshop but not this year! Mark was working up until Christmas eve and we were still processing orders. But we did mange to get some fun in.  Mark popped down to see Ross at Koas Blacksmiths and had a go at forging a Viking Knife and Fire Steel. Blacksmithing was something Mark has always wanted to do and it was an insight into what goes into making our hand forged Fire Steels that we sell on our website. If anyone is interested in doing one of Ross's Blacksmiths Courses please let us know and we'll gladly send his details on to you.  

    mark working-blogg So what's coming up in 2016 for Beaver Bushcraft??? We will be launching a new exciting range of Leather Strops that hopefully should be ready soon. Its always hard to come up with new and innovative ideas but that’s actually one of the challenges we enjoy the most is coming up with something new! Mark has also been working on some new leather projects which should take us into a new area. Plus we are so excited this year to be one of the sponsors for the Bushcraft Show 2016 that take place  in May in Derbyshire, more to come on that.(We just hope that Ray Mear's is ready to meet this Beaver).

    Until the next Blog…….