Been a funny old week....

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Been a funny old week…

What a week!!! Unfortunately Mark had to step out of the business for a week, but we are glad to say he will be back on Monday (Yahoo!!!). He will have to slowly ease himself in to start with but he did say he's getting bored and is 'itching to start stitching' again (his words not ours!).

Fire-Andrew Kirkham-R limited edition fire steelMeanwhile we had some lovely new Fire Steel designs in from the likes of Andrew Kirkham and Kaos Blacksmiths. Both very talented designers and both produce high quality work and are based in the UK.  They make stunning Fire Steels that are so easy to use and create a high quality spark too. Some Fire Steels can be hard to use and you really have to refine your technique but with these guys, their Fire Steels must be one of the easiest to use I have ever come across.To go with these very special Fire Steels, we also produced a very special Tinder Bundle to go with them, including some goodies such as Chaga as well as some Amadou and of course some specailly knapped flint. You can't have a Fire Steel without some Flint. We love getting new stock in and we are looking forward to working closely with some more crafts people who produce high quality items made by hand. Its great that some traditions are still being carried on.

leather-soft pouches-caramel-ioled leather-small possibles pouchWe ourselves at Beaver Bushcraft have been working on some new leather pouches for the spring. If you love the smell of leather you will love these new soft pouches we've been working on. The leather has been 'oiled' and this produces one of the softest leathers we've ever worked with. The colour is a rich caramel shade. It is what we call a 'smokey' effect. Unlike mass produced leather skins, where you get a 'flat' coating, this leather has character and a richness to it. Very tactile, almost like a Reindeer leather, so incredibly soft…..we have a few designs coming out so keep an eye on the website or on our facebook page. In fact you may already had a glimpse of them in some of our photos......Just remember that these soft Pouches are just not for Tinder, although that is what we use them for. We recently had a customer who purchased one of our new Pink Sami Pouches for her daughter so she could keep her make up in.  The common name for these sort of Pouches are 'possible' pouches for keeping 'possibles' in !! In other can stuff keys, small tins, change, small cameras etc...anything is possible as long as you get the right size for what you want :)

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