It's almost sensuos......

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There is something about the feel of fur under your feet on a cold morning…it's almost sensuous!!!!!

Furs-Reindeer Hides in the home by Beaver Bushcraft

The Sami people where well known for using all aspects of the Reindeers from their meat, to their fur to make clothes, pouches, furnishings to even utilising their Antlers to make their traditional Sami pots and other decorative items. The Reindeer was and still is an important part of their culture. The reindeers hides we sell are part of their culture and are from an ethical source, otherwise we would simply not sell them as this is part of our ethos too.

We use ours for our Tipee whilst at shows or away camping. To get up in the cold mornings and feel the soft reindeer under your bare feet is a comfortable joy to behold!!!!

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