And out of the ashes Belisama was born…..

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fire-fire steel blunt nosed dragonout of the ashes by rowan for beaver bus

We were so excited at Beaver head quarters today when a new batch of Fire Steels arrived from Rowan Taylor at South Saxon Forge. Now these Fire steels are not for the faint hearted as they are a  serious bits of steel that have been artistically  forged into Animal heads.  We have taken inspiration from Rowan's Celtic roots and have named these particular Fire steels after the Celtic Gods. Each Fire Steel has been carefully sculptured and forged in an animal head. Each one has been individually made and each one will have its own character. Each Fire Steel comes with its own tinder bundle These Fire Steels may be more suitable for a more experienced user of traditional Fire Steels due to the shape and the heaviness of the Steel, we personally would not recommend these particular ones for beginners. This beautifully hand forged Fire Steels is of a Blunt Nosed Dragon and we have named her 'Belisama' after the goddess of Fire and Crafts, most appropriate wouldn't you say? These Fire Steels are not just for Fire making but also a little work of art in the palm of your hand.

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