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Recently Mark and I had to take the drastic action of closing part of our website down as we were inundated with Orders for our hand made bespoke leather items. Some might say what a great position to be in but the downside is that we value our customers and it did not seem fair to take on any more work for our leather work until we caught up with the back log. We could have employed an extra person as a short term solution but that would have taken time to train someone and that was the point that we just didn't have time.

There is a sense of being overwhelmed and panic and what to do to stem the flow, hence we temporary closed the section of the website for our bespoke Leather work, took a deep breathe  and stated to catch up with ourselves.

Time management is all about baby steps when you are faced with a huge mountain to climb. A few each day until you reach the stop. Do not set yourself an impossible goal you will only feel worse if you don't achieve it. Recently I needed to clean the stair carpet (Deagle has a lot to answer for) but I didn't have time to do the whole stairway . Each day I just cleaned 3 steps…every time I passed those 3 steps I saw how clean it looked, felt great (sad eh?) which then gave me motivation to tackle the next 3 steps.

Another analogy on how to 'tackle a mountain' is my son Jamie and walking the Dog. Everyday he would moan and it was a battle. He would moan constantly about it and all he did was stand at the top of the field and throw the ball for the dog, then he started to walk the dog around the field. Jamie then saw a small change in his energy levels. Then he started to sprint round the field with the dog and saw his stamina increase!!! Now him and the Dog go for a run every evening and their relationship has grown, so has my son, he's lost weight, is a skinny as a been pole and now started to play Rugby!!! (however not with the dog) and they both have also stopped moaning :D even better.

So life is about baby steps, small changes each day and setting realistice goals. Whether it’s loosing weight or tackling a mountain of work. Small changes, taking control and you will make it to the top of the summit. I once read a remarkable statement that I hold true to my heart " If you don't want to do something you will find an excuse, if you do want to do something you will find away".

Now talking of a mountain of work…..I need to get on, I'm actually writing this whilst eating my breakfast and thinking of my next task J Happy Mountain Climbing 

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