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Well today we received this lovely testimonial form Conor James @ we3advertures on Instagram. It always makes us feel it’s all worthwhile when we get such lovely feedback. Sometimes what we do is more a labour of love more than a commercial enterprise. We put a lot of love into our work and we hope our passion shines through. We try to put as much love and care into our products as we can. Even the way we package our products is done with care and recently we have started looking at more environmentally packaging and cutting down on the amounts of plastic we use. We are proud to say that the materials we use to make our items are ethically sourced too….. its all part of our ethos :) 

So here’s what Conor James had to say about us….. 

“Well who can not a love a pile of packages from Beaver Bushcraft?! They have started to stock up over the last couple of weeks with Christmas just around the corner and I will have to admit here, at this point, this pile is all for me, I do not think my family expected so much from just one company!!! 

So why did I order all from one company? Simply down to the amazing work that has been made from Leather to steel & every little inch of detail has been meticulously handcrafted alongside supporting some good friends who are running a British business. 

I struggle a lot with speaking to people and general social interactions as well as bouncing between ideas’ so I have made the decision to calm my focus and get my backside into a hobby pushed to the side to my main one, Fire, the traditional way! So It was only logical to place a couple of orders for tinders, fungus, leather pouches and mini fire steals as well as my dream a Copper Hudson Bay Tinderbox. 

The tinder’s are packaged well and the amount you get is very generous considering the low prices they are sold for.  The Leatherwork has amazing detail & is beautifully made and these really are small art pieces that with care, will look better and better as the years go on. The Copper Hudson Bay Tinderbox is absolutely beautiful, one that like the leather will age ever so well!

To sum up this review that I could happily expand on and make an essay review is to say - If you are contemplating ordering anything then go for it, You will not be disappointed.”

Conor James 19/11/2018

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