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This Page is dedicated to our YouTube Customers and fellow Bushcrafters who have bought our products and have made them their own. We love seeing our work in action and most importantly, being used!  We hope this Page inspires other people to take photographs of our items in action and share them with us. To feature on this page you can Contact Us via our Email address: [email protected] or Facebook @ Helen Hordon or Mark Hordon (Tag or P M) or Instagram: Beaver Bushcraft  (Tag or D M). 



Tenderfoot Bushcraft

Beginner bushcrafter uses flint and steel for the first time! - Fire starting for beginners by Tenderfoot Bushcraft Using the brilliant Beaver Bushcraft 1700's Brass Trappers Tinderbox, I attempt to start a fire using just flint and steel. I find out it isnt as easy as i hoped!


Here I show my latest striker from Beaver Bushcraft, the Nordic Dragon Striker and me getting a few embers with it on char cloth. This is a fun purchase for me, I loved the look of it. Orion.

Jamie Schmotzer

My name is Jamie Schmotzer, and I’m an herbalist and instructor for the Old World Alliance co-founded by Jamie Burleigh.Also known as jw_ apothecary on Instagram.

Funky Prepper

I think it's a good idea to test your fire lighting skills whenever possible. Try and carry dry fire making materials in your etc., you never know when you need to make a fire for warmth, cooking, boiling water, warding off animals and insects etc. etc.


Here I show my latest striker, the BeaverBushcraft Traditional style Viking striker getting several embers. Again Mark from Beaverbushcraft is super generous and has sent me a magnificent piece of flint and some amodou. In anticipation for this purchase I ordered another Oval tin from viceroy and another large possibles leather bag. I am gathering all of these items together to form another traditional kit. I am adding more things to this kit. I buy off. BeaverBushcraft because they always deliver, and I am finding they are a wonderful business to deal with

Prepper in the Woods

Prepper in the Woods

Best Multi-Use Bushcraft Tool. Beaver Bushcraft 5 in 1 Striker. Tinder Teaser

Woodcraft Hamster

I have finally got myself a traditional style brass tinder box, something i have wanted for a while now. This one was made by Beaver Bushcraft and I really can't fault it.


Review of the tinder pouch starter kit by Beaver Bushcraft, traditional fire starting


Got a package from Beaver Bushcraft HAND FORGED by Bethel Forge - Traditional 'Pendant' Fire Steel

SouthPaw Bushcraft

Hudson Bay Tin & My First Flint and Steel Fire .Stella P gave me a gift certificate for my birthday! from Beaver Bushcraft and I got my package today. This is my unboxing and trying out my new flint and steel.

Survival on the Skinney

Flint & Steel Horse Hoof Fungus In this video I show how to use Flint & Steel with Horse hoof fungus and several other materials. Thanks to Beaver Bushcraft.

Prepper Del Survivalist

Handmade Tinder Pouch with flint and steel by Beaver Bushcraft UK

Prepper Del Survivalist

Flint and Steel Experiment (Beaver Bushcraft Viking Fire Steel)


My overview of the 1790's tinderbox from Beaver Bushcraft MTFU Youtube Channel

The Bushcraft Padawan

In this video I experiment with a new knife sharpening technique using some new kit.... with some surprising (for me) results!

Mark Bailey

LT Wright Genesis Review & Blade Maintenance. In this video, we take a look at the Lt Wright Genesis Bushcraft knife and talk a bit about blade maintenance in the field using a recent purchase from Beaver Bushcraft

Mark Bailey

Maintaining Carbon Steel Tools in The Field. In this video we take a look at how I like to maintain my high carbon steel tools in the field. We also look at some of the various products that are available to us, and the things that I choose from them to carry in my field sharpening kit

Mark Bailey

In this video we take a look at the contents of a couple of fire kits. First we take a look at my main fire kit, the one that I carry in my pack at all times. Then we look in the traditional fire lighting kit, looking at the flint and steel set, tinder's and things to achieve solar fire. For those interested in the pouches, flint and steel sets, and other fire lighting tools and natural tinder's, check out Beaver Bushcraft.

Rocky Hollow

This is just a quick look at a high carbon steel striker called the Fire Buddy from a company in the UK; Beaver Bushcraft. I wanted to check it out because it has several functions; it can be used like a standard high carbon steel striker, bow drill bearing, hand drill thumb loops and will strike a ferro rod. Although this was only the first time I have had it out I thought it worked very well, it's well thought out and functional. I put it on a firecord necklace with a small ferro rod toggle so I can have it with me when I am out running around and hopefully get a better feel for it over time

Kullcraven Bushcraft & Survival

Beaver Bushcraft are located in the U K. They sell bushcraft needs from leather to tinder and fire starters and more. I bought a fire steel from them and love how it works, give their website a look

TA Outdoors

I head out alone on a solo bushcraft trip. Carrying my gear in a waxed canvas backpack, sleeping on sheepskin with a wool blanket inside a canvas lavvu tent. I start a fire using a traditional hbc firelighting tin, flint and steel and the inner bark of the cedar tree that I keep in my leather tinder pouch. I grill meat over the fire and enjoy time camping alone a the dark forest

Zed Outdoors

Beginners Guide To Flint & Steel - Shark Designs Tutorial

James Barry

Knife sharpening with James Barry Sharpening solutions. Sharpen your bushcraft, hunting, skinning and utility knives using the Beaver Bushcraft diamond hone


Support VR for Mint Outdoors Flint 'n' Steel Fire Beaver Bushcraft Hudson Bay Tinderbox

Wilderness Nomad

Product Review on Fantastic Hudson Bay Tinder Box (Beaver Bushcraft)