Expedited Service for Bespoke Leather Work

Expedited Service for Bespoke Leather items at Beaver Bushcraft 

We do realise that not everyone wants to wait several weeks for their bespoke leather items to be made. Especially if the bespoke leather item is for a Gift or for a Trip. Therefore we do offer an expedited service. However we do have to charge a small fee for this service Leather hand made bespoke belts by beaver bushcraft

  1. The small fee is charged on top of the price of the Bespoke item(s) being purchased (this applies to our bespoke leather work only and not to any 'Ready-made' items).
  2. We will only ever use this fee to cover any extra Shipping costs that we might incur as we may have to upgrade or expedite the shipping of another customers order, as well as any costs incurred if we feel that we need to include a little extra 'tangible' gift to other customers because they will have to wait longer for their own goods. Plus any out of hours work that is required.
  3. Please be completely assured, we do not profiteer from this fee. The fee will go to compensate other customers that will be required to wait longer for their goods.
  4. We will try and get your order made & dispatched within a week. If there are any issues, we will of course inform you straight away.