Staffordshire bushcraft

We are so proud to be sponsoring two great causes that are very dear and near to our hearts. One is Staffordshire Bushcraft and Survival run by Michael Vaughan who hase one of the biggest hearts we know and he himself supports some great causes. As a veteran battling stage 4 cancer, Michael discovered that engaging in bushcraft activities provided him with a unique opportunity to establish a deep connection with nature within a private and personal environment.

bb 3This connection became a source of solace, greatly benefiting his mental well-being and alleviating the constant worry about the future. With an unwavering passion for sharing his story, Michael is dedicated to empowering individuals, demonstrating that they are capable of achieving incredible things regardless of their circumstances. Staffordshire Bushcraft and Survival offers a safe and nurturing space for people to reflect, connect, and explore their own potential. 

The second company we are proud to sponsor is the Bushcraft Show/ The Bushcraft magazine. Who without them, a lot of us buscrafters simply wouldn’t be here.

We are so proud to be connected with them and be part of a great working partnership. They are the UK's no.1 festival of outdoor adventure! Simply the best show and magazine for Bushcraft & Survival in the world. An industry must!