The Shark Bushcraft & Survival Kinfe review by Mark Edlington-Booth

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Today we received this lovely bit of feedback about one of our 'Shark Bushcraft & Survival Knives'. As a company we don’t produce lot of Knives as we would rather focus on a few that are to us are almost perfect :). The ‘Shark Bushcraft & Survival ‘Knife and its little sister ‘The Beaver Necker’ were designed by Mark Hordon to suit his own needs and high expectations and then beautifully executed by Dorset Woodland Blades. Here is Mark Edlington-Booth’s  reveiw that we turned into blog..... 

I am always a little reluctant to leave feedback and review a product until I have thoroughly put it through its paces.  Sometimes tools can work really well straight out of the packet but only last a few uses before they get relegated to that drawer we all have in the garage. The ‘Shark Bushcraft and Survival Knife’ however, has blown this strategy out of the water.

knife pic of mark edlingtons knifeUsually, when you buy a sharp edged tool, it doesn‘t quite live up to its "razor sharp“claim. Sharp, but never razor sharp!  The ‘Shark Design Bushcraft and Survival Knife’ came honed to perfection, shaving sharp straight out of the box. The weekend after it arrived, I put it through its paces, battening, chopping, slicing and a little bit of carving were all a breeze.  The blade is perfectly balanced on the forefinger which helps reduce forearm muscle fatigue and the handle is shaped to aid holding without having to grip on too hard.

So, why am | leaving a review just two weeks after receiving my ‘Shark Design Bushcraft and Survival Knife’? Usually, after such a test, it would be normal to have to strop the blade to maintain the edge. The ‘Shark Design Bushcraft and Survival Knife’ was still ‘shave sharp’.  I have since used it to carve a Spoon and today I used it to batten some hazel to create feather sticks. The amazing thing is, the edge is still shave sharp!

Top that off with amazing customer service, from placing the order to delivery, Helen and Mark could not have been more helpful. Thank you Beaver Bushcraft. Keep up the good work. I will be back. Mark Edlington-Booth. 02/02/2019

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  4. Andy Turner

    Awesome Mark,glad your happy with your knife,I spent years looking for the ideal bushcraft blade,the Shark is it!

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