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"We like the idea of our work being passed down to the younger generation just like in the old pioneering days where goods  were designed to be used and built to last".

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Amadou Tinder Down for Traditional Fire Lighting
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Hand Crafted Leather Case with Sharpening Kit
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Beginners Flint & Steel Fire Lighting Kit
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Flint Knapping Leg Guard
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Handcrafted Leather Beaver Creek Tinderbox
Flint & Steel animal fire strikers
Animal & Mythical Flint & Steel Fire Strikers
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EDC - Combo Fire Striker
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Bespoke Leather Bushcraft Belt '801' Made to Order

Spring Hike to Wonderful Pine Forest by Cimbrer Bushcraft featuring Beaver Bushcraft

Check out this wonderful video by Cimbrer Bushcraft Viking Heritage showing, and demonstrating some of our products. I have to say we were blown away by this video and wanted to share it with you all. We love Cimbrer’s ethos as its very similar to our own, it shows the love and passion we have for classic old school bushcraft.

We are feature from 12:21, but it’s well worth checking out the whole of Cimber's video, since it is beautifully filmed in a forest near to where Cimber Bushcraft is located in Denmark. Very evocative! Happy viewing. The Folding Leather Fire Steel Pouch is now avaiable on our webiste.


Bespoke Leather Belts

"All our leather belts are handmade with love & passion. We like the leather to speak for itself by allowing the natural texture of the hide to show through, this is what allows our leather belts to have soul. Each leather belt is hand dyed & hand finished so each piece will have its own unique look".