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Free Little Extras

on orders of £100+

If you have spent or intend to spend over £100 in a single order purchase from our web site, we would invite you to select any ONE item from this page as a FREE gift from Beaver Bushcraft & Leather to you, as a big warm ‘Thank you for being such a great customer!’

Free Little Extras on orders of £50+

If your total purchase order is between £50 and £99.99

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 Free Little Extras on orders of £150+

If your total purchase order is between £150 and £199.99

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 Free Little Extras on orders of £200+ 

If your total purchase order is £200 and over 

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How To Claim Your Gift

  1. Firstly, you should carefully peruse all the items on this page,
  2. Then select the item you would like as your gift and add it to your Shopping Cart.
  3. Once you have finished all of your purchases from the rest of our web site, simply proceed to the Checkout as if you were buying the gift item (All of the gifts on this page have a Zero price so you will not be charged for them at Checkout).
  4. Then simply finish the purchase and let us do the rest!

Important Notice

Please read our 'Terms & Conditions' at the bottom of this page before you make any selection.


Products In This Category:

Terms & Conditions

There are a few Terms and Conditions that you must agree to if you wish to keep any gift that you select whilst in this page.

Implied Agreement: - By implication you are fully agreeing to abide by all the Terms & Conditions if you select and then accept one of these gifts.

To qualify for a FREE GIFT from this page you must agree to the following Terms & Conditions:

  1. PLEASE NOTE: - To reiterate the ‘Implied Agreement’ stated above, IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that you understand that your Implied agreement is given to the following Terms & Conditions should you select any gift from this page.
  2. The total purchase value on a single sale must be between £100 and £149.99 UK Sterling to qualify you for a gift from this page. If the total purchase value is below this amount you will not qualify for a gift. If you do not qualify for a gift, no gift will be included with your order even if one is selected.
  3. You are free to choose ONE single item from this page (Please do not attempt to select more than ONE item from this page - Only the first selected item will qualify ALL other selections will be discarded.
  4. Only one gift per customer, per order, per day.
  5. Please do not try to select any gift item that is not on the page your order transaction value does not qualify you for. Any abuse of this gift privilege will instantly and permanently disqualify you from receiving any gift from us now, or in the future.
  6. Once you have chosen your complimentary gift, you should add it to your Shopping Basket BEFORE you proceed to the Checkout as if you were buying the item.
  7. You will lose the right to select a gift item for any order once your order transaction is completed. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU SELECT A QUALIFYING GIFT ITEM, BEFORE CHECKOUT IS COMPLETED. If you fail to select a qualifying gift item, please do not put us in the embarrassing position of refusing your request to add the gift later. Refusal often causes offence, and we don’t want that!
  8. Each gift will be given a Zero value pricing so you will not be charged for that item once your order transaction has been completed.
  9. Gift items will be considered by us to have NO monetary value and cannot therefore be returned for a refund or be exchanged for any other product.
  10. Your selected gift will be included and packaged with your order, it will not be sent separately from your order and will not be sent to a separate address.
  11. Shark Designs take no responsibility for any taxes, import and or custom charges incurred whist in transit to overseas customers. These charges, if any, are the sole responsibility of the customer.
  12. If for any reason the gifted item is returned to us we will gladly re-send the item to the customer, upon request, however, Shipping and Handling charges will need to be paid for by the customer before the item is posted.
  13. Gifted items are not guaranteed in any way shape or form and will not be replaced, repaired, or exchanged if damaged or lost without a charge being made.
  14. Gifted items remain the property of Shark Designs until the item has been delivered to the stated customer.
  15. Shark Designs reserves the right to alter or revise any of these terms and conditions at any time and without prior notification.
  16. You must be over the age of 18 years to take part in this giveaway.
  17. DISCLAIMER: - Beaver Bushcraft & Leather (Shark Designs) or any of its subsidiaries, personnel, associates, or staff take absolutely no responsibility for an item once it has been shipped. This includes, but is not limited to, or by, any of the following: damage or loss whilst the gifted item is in transit to the customer and upon delivery or receipt of the gifted item to the delivery address given by the customer. If, for any reason, injury or death is caused by any abuse, mishandling or neglect for which the gifted item was not intended to be used that is also beyond the scope of its original design, which is determined solely by the designer and or maker of the gifted item.
  18. By accepting any gifted item, you are agreeing to abide by all of the Terms and Conditions associated with this web site (Please follow this link to read and understand our full web site ‘Terms and Conditions’).


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